Nobody Compares

Ellies dad gets given a life changing job but not just for him... ellie and her best friend emily get to live the dream nearly every girl dreams... to have a life with one direction!


3. getting use to the fans is hard...

Ellie p.o.v~

I am to scared to leave the bus... There are fans everywhere. I hid in my room while everyone left. Niall walked in and held his hand out to me "Ellie come one we R going" I took his hand shaking like mad. Niall lead me out of the bus while all the fans screamed and walked straight into the hotel, he didn't stop and sign for the fans and have pictures with them, he took me straight inside. I hugged Niall so tight and I didn't wanna let go. We went to the reception. " hi we have booked 5 rooms umm its under liams name but he us signing autographs for fans at the min but can we have 1 set of keys so we can go up now please?" Niall said. the young lady who looked 20 nodded smiling away and got out a key and wrapped it in a piece of paper. She passed it to Niall and we looked at the room key number. Number 598 woah we must b at the top! We stepped into the lift and sure enough we had the top 5 rooms 596-600. Niall looked at the piece of paper and frowned. I
looked at it and lost my smile " hey nialler, in single like U so her is my number ;) <3 - holly " Niall screwed it up while turning to face me. " they don't know yet and I know this is strange but we must allow a bit until tonight " I looked at him puzzled " what do U mean tonight? " well we R gonna have an interview but in gonna tweet it before we leave then I get to talk bout U " I stoked his left cheek before running my fingers through his hair. The lift stopped at last and we walked to room 598. Niall unlocked the door and there in front of me was a massive bed in a massive room. I smiled and opened this book and saw there was a floor above us and its just for us, it was a swimming pool.I smiled and was wondering what I did to deserve all of this? Having a normal life nearly and a perfect boyfriend who everyone loves as fans but not like I do. I stood on the same spot looking around the room. I opened the bathroom door to see a bathtub with jets of
water coming out on every side and entered the bath. Also there was a shower which was really wide and it was a direct over head one which had lights in random places in the wall and when they were on it looked really pretty. I sat down on the bed and was confused why Niall choose me, why I get to be his princess. Niall was already on the otherside of the bed looking through his phone. He crawled up behind me and wrapped his arms arounds. "what's wrong babe?" he asked while hugging me tight. "its just so unreal, why choose me out of anyone else?" I said turning to face him. " because I love you, you are amazing and even though I fell on love with your eyes, I fell on love with your heart first" he said as a tear was able to fall out of my eye. He brushed it away before placing 2 fingers under my chin and brought my face to meet his. He leaned in towards me and as did I and he pressured his lips onto mine. I love his lips they are soft and smooth and
Niall is always so gentle with me I just love this Irish boy. We had a knock at the door and Niall shouted come in? There was Andy with our bags and he said " Niall, Ellie, you need to be in the cars bottom level in say 10 mins max?" Niall nodded but I shoke my head. "me? Why do I have to come?" nialled laughed " because we are gonna make you a celebrity duhh" I smiled looking at the floor. " but what am i gonna wear?" i said. " well it isn't like an important interview so anything really but you will look beautiful in anything" Niall said to me trying not to smile too much. I went to my suitcase and pulled out my light denim jeans with rips down them which i got in river island. I then choose my la, NYC and Vegas t-shirt. I grabbed my hair bag and my hair brush and got changed in the bathroom. I brushed out my hair and put it into a messy bun and gripping back the shorter pieces with my flower hair grips. I ran out the bathroom to grab my makeup bag. I
applied my foundation all over, add a not of bronzer and some blusher. I added my natural eye shadow and eye liner then my mascara. I looked in the mirror and i looked quite nice but i didnt suit that look. I walked out the bathroom to see Niall wearing his black baseball jacket and skinny black jeans and he had his mouth wide open. "what?" i said confused. " just.. Why are you so perfect Ellie??" he said as he walked towards me. I smiled but didnt answer. He took hold of my hand and lead me out of the hotel room locking it behind him and we walked into the lift. There was a special button and it said -3. Niall pressed it and we went down and down. I looked into nialls eyes. He stepped in front of me kissing me before we got to the bottom. I ran my fingers carefully through his hair before we stopped at the bottom. We broke apart and Niall retook hold of my hand and lead me to his car he goes in. He opened the door for me and i smiled before stepping
inside and shutting the door. Niall got in the otherside and our driver pulled off and we left to go to the the interview. One direction little things came on. Niall was humming it as i rested my head on his shoulder...

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