Nobody Compares

Ellies dad gets given a life changing job but not just for him... ellie and her best friend emily get to live the dream nearly every girl dreams... to have a life with one direction!


8. Australia we are here!!

Emily p.o.v-  We are going to Australia today. I have been asked so much on twitter why did Ellie get upset on the interview it has nothing to do with them so why can't they just shut up. I have fallen for my weakness and he fell for me too which surprised me. My mum disapproves of Harry. "He will go and break your heart and everyone will be mean and nasty to you" is what she says every time I phone her up. Can't she see I'm happy and I love Harry but I suppose she doesn't love dad, well my dad I mean. Anyway I woke up next to mr styles and shook him gently. "Harry it's time to get up babe we are going Australia today" he rolled over to face me. "Emily.." He mumbled still asleep. "What hazza?" I said to him. "My lips hurt and I need to be waken up" I laughed before smashing lips against Harry's. he sat up stroking my hair."awake now?" I said when we had finished. he nodded slowly before pressuring his lips back onto mine. i knew we shouldn't waste time but i didn't care if we waste time like this. eventually we got out of bed and dressed. i grabbed my suitcase with harry and we walked outside to see the others waiting there for us. "what took you so long?" louis said. i looked up at harry, he looked back at me with a smile on his face before looking up at louis. " i wish i never asked" louis said and we all laughed as we walked into the elevator with all our suitcases. it was really tight getting into the elevator as we all had to fit in there. when we got to the bottom level we had a blackout window van. there were 7 seats in the back 4 facing forward  a pair facing back and one on its own facing back. i sat by the window on the pair of seats facing back. harry sat next to me, louis sat by himself, ellie sat opposite me with niall next to her and zayn and liam sat the other side of them. i felt someone brush my hair of my face and kiss my cheek automatically knowing it was harry. i rested my head on his shoulder and he wrapped his arm around me. we stayed like this for the whole of the journey to the airport. when we arrived there were fans, and fans, and fans and even more FANS! i love the fans but i hate it when they say stuff to me like "harrys mine back off, who do you think you are you little slut? using harry!" its sick and i hate it so so much!! harry told me not to listen to them so i try and ignore it as much as i can for harry but it is hard. we jumped out of the van to meet big security men outside. "all 7 of you are going on the plane today right?" said the biggest and most toughest looking guy. we all nodded. we then started to walk in between the guys till we got to out plane. another group of men met us to take out suitcases and we followed the same guys till we boarded our plane. i sat next to harry and we had ellie and niall opposite us. we talked for ages then harry went to get us some food. he came back with so much stuff and niall was over excited. omg he is gonna eat most of this. i took a packet of crisps and a chocolate bar knowing it was niall's favourite but mine as well. harry gave me a cheeky smile as he knew i knew niall loves this chocolate bar. i unwrapped it and took a bite, niall was eating his way through his 2nd packet of crisps by now. as i was gonna eat the last bit of my chocolate bar niall looked up seeing i eat his chocolate bar. i put the last bit in my mouth and niall screamed "NOOOOO!!!" everyone was staring at us. me and harry were laughing so much but no one could laugh as loud as ellie. niall started to sulk and ellie found it hard to control herself. "i'm sorry niall" she whispered in his ear. "i wanted that chocolate bar" he muttered. " well i can't give you a chocolate bar but i can give you this!" niall turned around and ellie pressured her lips onto his. oh god here we go, this will take about 5 hours haha. I'm getting really tired now so i snuggled up into harry. he wrapped his arms around my protectively and we fell asleep in each others arms. 


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 9 hours later ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


"emily, wake up darling we are here" i fluttered my eyes open so see harry rocking me so i would wake up. i sat up sitting on top of harry. "nice sleep?" he said and i nodded. i smiled before kissing harry quickly. i heard one sound and that was camera shutters.... GREAT! .... but i don't mind as long as i don't get hate for it. we walked out the plane and had loads of photos of us and we walked inside and heard louis and zayn shout "AUSTRALIA HERE WE COME!!!!" and we heard loads of girls scream. we'll this is interesting. i laughed and squeezed harry's hand. i ran over to ellie and hugged her tight. "thank you so much ellie for letting this happen to me!" i said. she laughed "well it was my dad which made it all happen but i knew you would wanna come along" she said laughing. "if only my mum approved of harry you know what she is like" i said frowning looking at the floor. "oy mrs keep strong eh? we got this far together no losing it now okay? who gives what your mum thinks she can't stop you your dad is happy ain't he?" i nodded and started to smile "see? your dad is way better than your mum she is just jealous because she hates both husbands ex or not ex so don't worry you got us as your family now" she said. i smiled before hugging her and running back to harry. i love these guys, they truly are my family and i cant believe this all happened to me!

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