Good Girls Gone Bad

"Are you okay"? He frantically screamed. I couldn't speak I tried but nothing came out, I looked over to Louis lying on the ground. I slowly grabbed his hand and intertwined our fingers even if he was dead, he would be with me... I made sure of it. I looked to my other side and saw my best friend looking down on me as everyone else huddled around us.
"Don't worry, love, you'll be okay" Liam muttered as he picked me up bridal style. My eyes became heavy and liam noticed, "Don't close your eyes on me Katie!" He yelled but it dawned over me and I felt shooting pain go through my head as I drifted off into the darkness I was desperatly trying to escape.


2. 2

Katie's POV





"Go die"

"Don't sit by me"

All the words lingered  inside my head. Although I became quite use to the hate sentances and ugly stares, though it all boiled down to one thing. Me. What I thought of myself. What happens to me. When reality strikes, it burns. Its like your burning in a fire but nobody grabs a bucket of water, its like nobody taught you Stop Drop and Roll. Its like you standing their in the fire without anything to say just standing letting the flames swallow you. But, the catch is the flame doesn't kill you, it never goes out. It stays waiting for some sign to leave, and sadly I haven't found any water to drown my flames. It makes you wonder.. what life would be like without guilt and sorrow, sadness and fear of those near. Sitting here waiting for something, Anything, but it seems so impossible. I can't stand it anymore. Im so scared of everything everyone says, I will still stay myself no matter what. Nobody will change me for anything, not my look, not my act. Nothing.

Kirstin's POV

I saw katie was in deep thought, I left her to think not speaking but looking out the window. Once we arrived at school, the words the said, went in one and out the other. I was once popular, but I ditched those bitches for the most amazing girl ever. Katie, was emo but that never made a difference. Yes, Im a girly girl but doesn't mean me and her don't get along. We are and odd bunch, bunch? you may ask. Yes, we have two other friends. Eleanor and Danielle.


** sorry short chapter!!!***

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