Good Girls Gone Bad

"Are you okay"? He frantically screamed. I couldn't speak I tried but nothing came out, I looked over to Louis lying on the ground. I slowly grabbed his hand and intertwined our fingers even if he was dead, he would be with me... I made sure of it. I looked to my other side and saw my best friend looking down on me as everyone else huddled around us.
"Don't worry, love, you'll be okay" Liam muttered as he picked me up bridal style. My eyes became heavy and liam noticed, "Don't close your eyes on me Katie!" He yelled but it dawned over me and I felt shooting pain go through my head as I drifted off into the darkness I was desperatly trying to escape.


1. 1

Kirstin's POV

I woke up early morning remembering I have school, today was the last day until summer! I couldn't wait until I could hang out with my best friend the whole summer! It would be amazing, Watching movies, Spending the nights, Beach days, etc. I was so excited. But. today we had to deal with the bullies throughout the halls. How fun... I texted Katie making sure she was awake,

Ki = Kirstin .... K = Katie

Ki- Hay wake up Kay-Kay Last day of school!

K- Yea yea what eva...Keekers!!

Ki- Just warning the sleepyhead ;)

K- Yes I know get yourself and meet me at the bus stop in 20 :) Bye Keekers!

Ki- Ohkiee Dohkiee! Bye Kay Kay! :))


I took a shower and got dressed in a white short sleeve plain shirt and black pants. I brushed out my Shoulder Length Blonde hair with brown roots. I put a bandana in my hair hanging my bangs out of it a little bit. I went off on my way to the bus stop to meet katie and suprisingly she wasn't here just yet.

Katie's POV

I took a shower, got dressed and brushed out my long blue dyed hair. Sounds odd I know but, I am emo so it make sense now huh? Well I got dressed it a Kiss You shirt with lips and a tongue sticking out and some black pants to go with. i decided today I was to wear a bit of make-up, so I put some white eye shadow on and pink lipstick with black masscara. I met Kirstin outside at the bus stop, me a little later than usual. We chatted waiting for the bus, about how we for sure were spending the night at her house after school! Then the bus interupted our conversation as our smiled drifted away knowing what would happen next. We both got on the bus and that when it started....

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