My Tutor {Marcel Styles}

Kayla Jones is just your average teenager, seriously. She's failing her class, and she needs help, but does she even want it? No. When her teacher, Mr. Sean, mentions how much help she needs, she 's shocked. But nothing is stopping Mr. Sean, he searches a tutor for Kayla, and Kayla ends up having one of the nerdy, smarty pants, guys to help her. He's always got the signature outfit, Glasses, a light and dark brown sleevless button-up sweater, and his backpack full of school stuff. He starts off by calling Kayla, making the official plans, and when it happens, it happens. She spends her late afternoon having a nerd-boy, over at her house for 2 hours, while she's bored as a pickle in a jar. But what happens when this 'Nerd boy' is coming over for extra time, and there not even tutoring, and just, hanging out? Kayla never in her life thought she'd fall for a nerd, but this time, she's falling for Marcel Styles.


9. Chapter 9



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"Kayla! That's so cute," Kellie shouted and hugged me.

"I'm not completely sure how I feel about him Kellie,"  I sighed and sat on my bed.

"Well, maybe you should just wait to see what your heart tells you. Spend some time away from him, see if you still get the same feelings, or you miss him." She explained.

"Your a genius." I smiled. "That'd be great, but I know that he likes me so It'll be hard for him to not wanna make plans with me, how will I say no?"

"Well, me and you will make plans together and say that your busy with me," She said and sat down next to me.

"Gosh, you've got the smarts today." I said to her and patted her on the back.

"When do I not have the smarts?" she said and raised her eyebrows.

"You have smarts.. I was just saying as in when it comes to reality troubles, not twitter crashes, or show finales." I laughed and got up looking for some clothes.

"Oh, whatever Kayla.." She chuckled and got up with me.

                                                 MARCELS POV {finally}

I sighed and sat on the couch, waiting for Kayla to be done with whatever she was doing upstairs.

My feelings for Kayla are truly strong, I hate that I admitted it to her last night, so I probably look like a fool, and she probably doesn't like me anymore, I'm such an idiot.

 I heard her and Kellie laughing upstairs, probably laughing at me. I'm such a mess.

I really, really, like her. See! I can't get her off my mind. She runs through it like a marathon, and when I see her eyes, her gorgeous hazel/blue eyes I feel like I could jump around walls, and stare into them all day, and night. Her smile lights up my world, her perfect teeth under her nicely full lips, and the way her cheekbones show when she smiles. God, I was inlove with this girl-- but I hated it.

Honestly, I've never really had this many feelings for a girl before, so this is quite big. I just don't know if I should ask her on a date, or just wait. it has only been 2 weeks, but we hung out so much, so it guess it adds up to a month.

I snapped out of my thoughts from the people running down the stairs and making a lot of giggling noise.

"Hey ladies," I said and waved giving them a lazy wave.

"Hey Marcel!" I heard Kellie say, while Kayla just stood there with nothing to say, which made me really nervous, what if she hated me?

Kayla was dressed in a cardigan, a tank top, a scarf, tights, and slippers, she was beautiful.

 I sighed and glanced at her flawless face, that was glowing from the light on her phone.

"Marcel, we're gonna go head out. me and Kayla are having a girl day, you can leave whenever you want," Kellie said and Kayla smiled at me and they both walked out.

"Oh, okay, have fun guys!" I smiled, hopefully acting happy enough.

I was acting weird, I've never been this crazy about a girl before. she's gorgeous, and smart, most definitely a great personality. But, I knew she didn't like me back, so why would I keep liking her? this is so complicated.

I got up from the couch and walked over to her dads bedroom, going into grab my clothes but I end up looking at all the pictures and looking at how happy the family was.

I looked in the mirror, my messy morning hair was curled, like it was before id straighten it and gel it back, my glasses were off, and my eyes were looking boldy green. I sighed at my appearance, Kayla would never light this.

my clothes, normal and nerdy. i'm changing my looks, i'm done being the class nerd. maybe I can chance my looks and still help people with there homework, I don't know.. but being known as the ugly nerd hurts me, even tho I say it doesn't.

I walked into Kayla's room, don't think i'm a creep, but I needed a brush.

her walls painted, and her bedroom quite simple there it was, nothing I was looking for, but whats usually in a teenage girls bedroom.

i'm not opening it, due to my respect for her. although, it was left open, that doesn't consider me opening it, just glancing at things.

dear diary, it's may 25th, and i'm confused with my life. I've been getting lessons from a guy I like to call, Marcel styles. its been a while since we've known each other, and I have no idea what-so-ever how I feel about him. I smile when i'm with him, and I get butterfly's when I see his face, I have no idea why i'm attracted to him. I need to know if I really like him, so, i'm going to spend some time away from him and see if I still have feelings and end up missing him, a lot. i'm out. and last night when I sorta kissed him.. I wanted to so badly.

I, am speechless.


"marcel?" I heard a voice that I loved call me.

oh no..

"yeah?" I asked.

"what are you doing in my room?"

"I-I was looking for a brush." I said and before she spoke, "do you really feel that way about me?"

"wha- I- marcel.. it's hard to explain, I jus-" I cut her off, with something i'd never been bold enough to do.

I kissed her.


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