My Tutor {Marcel Styles}

Kayla Jones is just your average teenager, seriously. She's failing her class, and she needs help, but does she even want it? No. When her teacher, Mr. Sean, mentions how much help she needs, she 's shocked. But nothing is stopping Mr. Sean, he searches a tutor for Kayla, and Kayla ends up having one of the nerdy, smarty pants, guys to help her. He's always got the signature outfit, Glasses, a light and dark brown sleevless button-up sweater, and his backpack full of school stuff. He starts off by calling Kayla, making the official plans, and when it happens, it happens. She spends her late afternoon having a nerd-boy, over at her house for 2 hours, while she's bored as a pickle in a jar. But what happens when this 'Nerd boy' is coming over for extra time, and there not even tutoring, and just, hanging out? Kayla never in her life thought she'd fall for a nerd, but this time, she's falling for Marcel Styles.


8. Chapter 8

Previously on My Tutor..

"I'm glad we're friends. Your a great girl."

"Me to. Thank you, Marcel." I smiled.

He smiled shyly, and his dimples formed as his lips streched across his face, He honestly had a great smile.

"Alright, Alright, your time is up." The lady said, I sighed and we got off.

"What's next?" Marcel said. "Your choice."

"Hmm, lets go to the arcade games!" I shouted and we walked over to the arcade.

Hours, and hours, and hours passed by, all because of a shooting game we wouldn't stop until we won.

Sadly, we didn't win, and they kicked us out.

We we're walking towards my car laughing our butts off and wobbling as we got in, because our feet were so sore.

"Thanks for tonight," He said.



Chapter Eight

We silently drove home, completely tired from the fun we had.

My gaze looked down at my phone, that I haven't even looked since we got at the Carnival.

6 Missed Calls, 4 from Kellie, 1 from Mom, and 1 from Lily.

7 Missed Messages, 5 from Kellie, 2 from Lily.

I waited to text back, until I got at my house where Marcels car was parked.

"Do you just wanna stay the night?" I asked, he looked over at me like nobody has ever asked him that.

"That'd be great," He smiled and left the car after we pulled up.

"I have extra clothes from my dads room you could barrow." I said and smiled, walking up to to the house and unlocking the door.

I looked at my phone, and forgot to check the messages, so I clicked on iMessage.

Kellie: where are you?!??

Kellie: get your u=butt here its 12!!!

Kellie: jarretts gone and im lonely :(

Kellie: hrrrrry hoooooooome....

Kellie: i hope you and marcel arent at his house or else im eating leftovers!

Lily: hey girl! ethan gave me such a sweet date tonight it was so cute. miss you and kellie loads!!! call me when you get the chance.

Lily: so did anything happen between you and marcel?

I had strange butterflys when she said that, no, I don't have any feelings for Marcel, what are you talking about? why in the world did I get butterflys.

"So where am I sleeping?" he asked and sat on a stool.

"I have a guest bedroom, I'll bring you the clothes." I smiled and walked up the stairs into my dads leftover room, I hate going in here. I don't know why my mom kept his room, it makes me so sad even walking by it.

I took a deep breath before walking in and opened the door, holding in the tears and just walked in and straight to the dresser.

T-shirt and PJ pants Kayla, only T-shirt and PJ pants.

I looked at all of the pictures placed on his dresser and had to keep in the tears, seeing all of his old pictures made it emotional, I couldn't help it, I started balling.

I heard a knock and tried to keep in my sobs. "Yeah?" I said and Marcel walked in.

"I heard crying." He said and walked closer. "Are you alright?"

"Yeah, just my d-dads pic-t-tures.." I sobbed.

"Aw, is he...?" He said and looked sad.

"Y-ye-ah." I said and tears fell further out of my eyes down to my chin, and Marcel walked closer and we were inches away.

He raised his hand to my face and wiped off my tears. "I'm sorry for your loss, darling."

I just smiled and took a deep breath. His presence made me feel safe, I dont know why. Marcel is just a great guy, and all I see of him now is his good side.

"Thank you Marcel.. you are such a wonderful guy. You've made me realize so many things in life, and you help me with my school, and you just make everything better.You were right about thinking of the good things in life, my dad is in a better place in heaven, he's happy, and I should be happy about that." By now, we were literally and inch away from eachother.

Our noses barely touching, and our breath mixing together. I looked deep into his eyes, and saw the real him. Flash backs of his life, him smiling, but then the hard times and frowning.

Our lips barely brushed together and before I know what we were doing, I felt the presence of someone else, Like a smirking someone, that was quite fangirling.

"Um, hello!" I heard Kellie shout.. I gulped and pulled back from Marcel.

"I-I- hi kel." I stuttered and looked at her with a experession of 'get the hell out of the room' and 'what was I just doing'.

Marcel looked nervous, and more nervous of what she saw.

"Where we're you guys!" She said, she was dressed in a tank top and sweats, along with a messy bun.

"At the carnival.." I said.

"Yeah." Marcel smiled and pushed his glasses up.

"Well, get to bed. you guys woke me up." She sighed and and walked out of the room leaving me and Marcel awkwardly standing there.

"I like you." He said. "Alot.." And with that he walked off with his eyes closed, like he regretted saying that.

but can I be honest? I think I liked him to.

Alot, but that, wasn't something I wanted to happen.


I woke up to the sun beaming through my window. I closed my eyes tighter and somehow made my way out of bed.

I walked out of my room in my shorts and a little to tight of tank top.. well its pjs, thats ok.

I completely forgot what happened until I walked by my dads room. Last night. Oh my gosh, I practicually kissed Marcel Styles. The class nerd, the guy who gets bullied at school, the nerdy kid that was forced to come over to tutor me. I almost kissed him. The guy that I thought was a complete nerd, I cannot believe what happened.

I slowly walked passed the guest room and peeked in there to see if Marcel was in the bed but he wasn't, I opened the door more and noticed it was completely empty.

I sighed and walked downstairs, I smelt something that smelt amazing. Maybe Kellie was cooking breakfest.

I walked closer into the kitchen and saw the back of someone. A white t shirt, and sweats. A manly body, woah Marcel, I didn't know you worked out.

"Hey." I said and looked at what he was cooking.

"Hey Kayla," He smiled. His glasses were off, and I didn't ever realize how breathtaking his eyes were.

I was stuck in the moment and froze in place, not noticing me staring deeply into his eyes.

"I'm making eggs and bacon, I hope you don't mind that I went through your fridge," He chuckled.

"Haha, funny, it's fine." I smiled and leaned against the counter.

"So, I'm quite glad summer is a week away." Marcel said.

I smiled and agreed. "I have no idea what I'm doing for summer."

"Me to, maybe we could hangout?"

"That'd be awesome." I said.

"Yeah. So about last night," He said and plated food. "I'm sorry about that,"

"About what?" I knew exactly what he was talking about.

"Practically kissing you." he said, and handed me a plate.

"It's really fine. I didn't mind, I kinda.. liked it." I said and whispered the last part, lightly biting the inside of my lip.

"Oh that's good. enjoy my love," he smiled and sat down, taking bites of his food.

I thanked him for breakfest and ran upstairs to smile like a dork.

Kellie stormed into my room, and looked at me with her hand on her hip.

"Tell. Me. Everything!!" She shouted and hopped on my bed.

"Okay, okay, so last night we came home and i was going upstairs to get him clothes from my dads room, I looked at the old pictures of of him and the family and started crying. Then Marcel walked in and started to wipe my tears, and he was an inch away from my face and our breath was mixing and uhg. Our noses brushed together and then our lips brushed together and then we kinda kissed, and you walked in and it was awkward. After you left he looked at me and said 'i like you.. alot'." I was majorly blushing.

"Ahh!! Kayla this is so cute." She smiled and squished me. "How do you feel about him?"

"Well, can I be completely honest?" I sighed.


"I think I, really, really, like him."


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