My Tutor {Marcel Styles}

Kayla Jones is just your average teenager, seriously. She's failing her class, and she needs help, but does she even want it? No. When her teacher, Mr. Sean, mentions how much help she needs, she 's shocked. But nothing is stopping Mr. Sean, he searches a tutor for Kayla, and Kayla ends up having one of the nerdy, smarty pants, guys to help her. He's always got the signature outfit, Glasses, a light and dark brown sleevless button-up sweater, and his backpack full of school stuff. He starts off by calling Kayla, making the official plans, and when it happens, it happens. She spends her late afternoon having a nerd-boy, over at her house for 2 hours, while she's bored as a pickle in a jar. But what happens when this 'Nerd boy' is coming over for extra time, and there not even tutoring, and just, hanging out? Kayla never in her life thought she'd fall for a nerd, but this time, she's falling for Marcel Styles.


5. Chapter 5



"Nobody knows, the way I feeeeeeeeeel about you," I sung while driving around the block.

I got bored. Jarrett and Kels were doing things in the dining room, and Lily had fallen asleep 5 minutes after pizza had gotten there, and there I was, bored.. lonely, and not interested in what was on TV.

The sun was just shining through the trees, soon enough there will be a sun getting ready to set.

I jammed out to the next song on the radio, The Way by Ariana Grande ft. Mac Miller man, was that song catchy or what.

I stopped at a red light and let the people cross the street, and there he was, Mr. discusting.

I'm not really a 'bully' type, but when it came to Shane, I'll kick his a-- HONK HONK!

Of course the car behind me interupts my thoughts.

"Dangit," I mumbled noticing I took the wrong exit.

I quickly took a u-turn and headed back to my house.

"Hey guys, I'm home.. If anyone cares.." I said and mumbled the last part, being the sarcastic me.

"Hey!" I heard Jarrett say, awesome, he was still here, but where in the world is Kellie and Lily?

"Hey dude. Wheres Lily and Kel?" I asked.

"I don't know, Kellie said she had to talk to Lily so they went somewhere upstairs or in the back of the house. I'm not familiar with this place so I don't completely know where," He explained.

"Okay, thanks. Just chill here, I'll bring them down." I said and walked up the stairs.

I heard sobbing and ran into my bedroom.

"Lily! whats wrong?" I asked and ran over to her.

She was a mess. She was crying really hard, her eyes were puffy and red, her makeup was running, and her hair was messy.

"E-E-E-Eth-th-th-th-th," She was stuttering. I could tell something had happened, something terrible.

"Your parents died? um, your dogs died? your frogs? Ethan hates you? What?" I asked. She nodded 'no' to them all.

She handed me her phone and I looked at it.

From: Crush(Ethan)

Hey.. Long story. but I wanted to tell you that I'm moving. I know, it sucks.. alot. I stayed up all night dissapointed in my parents decision, and man do I wish I could not move with them. Your the first person I'm telling, because I can trust you. Before I go on friday, I want to talk to you, I know it sucks that this is over text because I really wanna hold you right now(Long story).

Lily. I love you. I like you alot. Since the first day we met.

Goodbye, beautiful. <3

"Oh Lily, I'm so sorry." I said and hugged her, now my whole shirt was black and wet, but I know Lily needed that.

"I-I'm shocked, happy, a-and dissapointed.. I couldn've told h-him, but I weenied out.." She cried.

Kellie was rubbing her back and kept holding her, just to comfort her.

"Maybe you could go with him?" I tossed out an idea.

"I don't know.." She said.

"I'll text him." I said and opened up the text.

To: Crush(Ethan)

Hey Ethan. I'm dissapointed to. It really sucks that you have to go. I'm gonna miss you alot. Me going with you would be amazing, but your parents wouldn't allow that, wouldn't they?

And just a heads up. I love you to. I like YOU alot. Since the first day we met. Weird how we both liked eachother the whole time, I just wish I said something to you. I'm gonna miss you so much, it's hard to explain.


Your message has been delivered.

"Sent it." I said.

Kellie was wiping her face with a clean rag, and now she looked all freshened up.. other than the puffy eyes.

"Lets head downstairs, Jarretts been waiting." I said and we made our way down the stairs.

"Sorry, there was a girl crisis." Kellie said.

"It's alright babe," He said and kissed her cheek, making her blush.




















{sorry about the big space, it's been doing that and if i delete it it'll do it again}


GUESS WHAT?! Lily is leaving right now to fly with Ethan to California. She's moving with them! Awesome right!?

"Bye Lily!!!" Me and kellie shouted at the same time as they walked into the airport.

I'm so happy for Lily, right when she got the text message back from Ethan she was jumping off the walls.

What's funny is that last night when we were talking about people she liked she said she liked Ethan, and now that I think of it I remember her talking about liking him awhile ago, they are so cute together!

Theres no way she's going to california and not texting me, it's a big trip.

I just realized tomorrow is another day of Marcel. Awesome. {Notice my sarcasm}



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