My Tutor {Marcel Styles}

Kayla Jones is just your average teenager, seriously. She's failing her class, and she needs help, but does she even want it? No. When her teacher, Mr. Sean, mentions how much help she needs, she 's shocked. But nothing is stopping Mr. Sean, he searches a tutor for Kayla, and Kayla ends up having one of the nerdy, smarty pants, guys to help her. He's always got the signature outfit, Glasses, a light and dark brown sleevless button-up sweater, and his backpack full of school stuff. He starts off by calling Kayla, making the official plans, and when it happens, it happens. She spends her late afternoon having a nerd-boy, over at her house for 2 hours, while she's bored as a pickle in a jar. But what happens when this 'Nerd boy' is coming over for extra time, and there not even tutoring, and just, hanging out? Kayla never in her life thought she'd fall for a nerd, but this time, she's falling for Marcel Styles.


11. Chapter 11

I sat there waiting, waiting for the stars to come out, the steam of my hot cocoa spreading all over my mouth, and me taking a sip, the hot liquid running down my throat, and the sensation of the chocolate on my taste buds.

"you know I can't take one more step, towards you. cause all thats waiting is regrets.. don't you know I'm not your ghost anymore. You lost the love you loved the most. Who do you think you are running 'round leaving scars, collecting your jar of hearts, tearing love apart, your gonna catch a cold, from the ice inside your soul, so don't come back to me, who do you think you are.." The harmony played as I layed on my roof top, closing my eyes, and trying not to collect my surroundings.

I gave up on trying to concentrate, nothing was working. So, I stepped inside and walked into my bedroom. The curtains flowing when the wind hit, and the cold breeze that sent goosebumps to form on my lightly tanned skin.

I heard rocks hitting my window, and music playing, one of my favorite songs, 'I Miss You' by Blink 182.

Stepping onto my balcony, and noticing the curly hair, the dimples, the piercing green eyes, and that adorable smile. "What are you doing Marcel?" I smiled.

"I wanted to come see you." He smiled. "Help me up?"

I through my sheet down, and he climbed up, when we met faces, I coundn't help but smile.

"That's really adorable." I laughed.

"Aw, why thanks," He smirked.

"I see you got your contacts?"

"Yeah, there comfy." He said.

"M. Your hair looks nice," I said and ran my fingers through his curls.

"Thanks. I wanna try to be comfortable with myself, its a new me." He said, I looked down and noticed he was wearing a t shirt with rolled up sleeves, and skinny jeans, along with some nice brown shoes. He looked, Good.  

"I like it." I smiled. "I think.. well, we should spend some time away from eachother.."

I couldn't believe that just came out of my mouth. His face, looked like he just lost a family member, and you don't wanna know how horrible I feel right now.

"I, oh, okay.. I'll just leave now.." He slurred and walked over to the balcony.

"No, No, No, No, No. Marcel, I didn't mean it like that. I like you a lot but I think that we should spend some time apart, I dunno why I said it so rudely, I hope you know how sorry I am." I said and grabbed his wrist.

Water grew in his eyes, "I kissed you, you kissed back, now you don't wanna hangout with me. I feel used, I'm not trusting anyone anymore," He said and walked out of my bedroom, I assumingly thought he's leaving.

I've screwed up, so hard. I guess things aren't meant to be. Tomorrow will be really interesting.

I muttered 'I'm sorry' under my breath and let a tear slip down my cheek, dripping off into my hand, I stared at it, and stormed off to my bed. I need rest.


I woke up, stretched and slipped out of my sheets.

I looked at myself in the mirror and my cheeks were puffy, still, from last night. My eyes had bags under then, and my hair was extremely messy. Last night didn't end well.

Shower. Was one of the things topped on my list of the day.

I walked in my bathroom and hopped in the shower, the warm water feeling so good on my skin, I never wanted to get out of here.

Surprisingly I ended up getting out of the shower. I wiped my body and dried my hair, changing into tights, a floral tank top and a jean jacket, a floral backpack, and vans, can't forget the straightened hair.

I ran down stairs and grabbed an apple before heading out, but I noticed a note on the counter.

'Kayla, you know I like you, I've told you atleast a million times. I'm sorry about last night, I am just going through some stuff and can't handle all of the stress. I still am sorta mad at you, because that really hurt my feelings. I hope you have a good day. I hope we can talk soon.


Really? What a stressful day already. I know schools gonna be a pain in the butt, so I'm excited for grad.

I walked out of the front door and sighed while getting in my car.

Quickly, I made my way to the big tan building, that was full of stress.

I looked around after parking and saw all of the teenagers tossing footballs, and laughing with eachother, and girls having there fangirl session.

While I was right here, alone. Kellie wasn't to be seen, and Lily was gone with Ethan, an- Oh my gosh! I forgot to get a hold of Lily.

I quickly dialed her number.

"Hey!" I heard her voice from the other line.

"Whats going on? Tell me about the date!" I said.

"Eep! well, he surprisingly took me on a roof date, it was just romantic, I loved it so much and uhg, he kissed me!" She squealed over the phone.

I chuckled, "That's so cute Lily! I have to go to school, but I'll text you later."

"Alright! T.T.Y.L," She said and hung up.

I walked over to my locker and opened it, pushing my stuff in it.

I felt stared at and looked over to see Marcel looking at me, but he looked right away when he noticed I was looking at him. I sighed and heard the school bell ringing.

Class time..

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