My Tutor {Marcel Styles}

Kayla Jones is just your average teenager, seriously. She's failing her class, and she needs help, but does she even want it? No. When her teacher, Mr. Sean, mentions how much help she needs, she 's shocked. But nothing is stopping Mr. Sean, he searches a tutor for Kayla, and Kayla ends up having one of the nerdy, smarty pants, guys to help her. He's always got the signature outfit, Glasses, a light and dark brown sleevless button-up sweater, and his backpack full of school stuff. He starts off by calling Kayla, making the official plans, and when it happens, it happens. She spends her late afternoon having a nerd-boy, over at her house for 2 hours, while she's bored as a pickle in a jar. But what happens when this 'Nerd boy' is coming over for extra time, and there not even tutoring, and just, hanging out? Kayla never in her life thought she'd fall for a nerd, but this time, she's falling for Marcel Styles.


1. Chapter 1

"Mom! I'll be down in a second." I shouted my such strict mom.

"Kayla Michele Jones. Get your butt downstairs before I come and grab you." She scolded.

I sighed and finished applying my makeup.

I ran downstairs and grabbed my backpack before heading out the front door.

My mom was only rushing me because she has a flight to catch for Arizona at 9, and it's 8:12.

I understand, but.. school is more important than visiting an old family members house for a month.

Yes, I'll be alone. My dad is gone, he died from being murdered 7 years ago. It's hard to even believe.

Mom took it ok, she cried, but they had major problems and were gonna file a divorce, so it just added stress on me, especially since I was 10.

I 'was' an mature kid, until I hit 15, I started getting involved with liking boys, and having boyfriends, and making friends and just going through so much, it was hard but I got a little better. I'm still immature tho.

We pulled up to the school and I looked out the window to see everyone talking to friends, running around, people laughing, the nerds sitting around a table chatting about there homework.

I said goodbye to my mom and got out of the car and ran into the school.

I saw my friend Lily and walked up to her and admired her outfit. "Lovin' the outfit lily,"

"Oh thanks!"

"Yup. Guess who is home alone for a month? Me!" I shouted and smiled.

"Awesome! Party?" She smiled.

"Mhm. And everyone is invited!" I said.

"Even the nerds?"

"Well they probably won't come, they'll be at chess club," I laughed.

"Oh ha, nice." She laughed.

The bell then broke the awkward tension that was about to happen after that.

We both walked to class and sat our books down.

"Hello class. As most of you know, last week I had you all do a essay about the book, Twilight. I will hand out the papers at the end of class, also, ms Jones, stay after class ends. I need to talk to you."

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