Hunger games : Emotional

12 districts, Only one wins.
District 1: Emma, Liam.
District 2: Bree, Prim.
District 3: Zayn, Louise.
District 4: Beth, Ebony.
District 5: Katarina, Harry.
District 6: Caitlyn, Niall.
District 7: Hannah, Louis.
District 8: Jordan, Kenny.
District 9: Duck, Laila.
District 10: Jessi, Edward.
Districit 11: Abbie, Quinn.
Distrcit 12: Johnny, Zack.


2. Wish me luck

I'm on my platform,

5...4... Im scared, will I die or survive?

I have Harry Styles in my district, Two people in each.


I'm ready...

1! I ran to the middle instantly.

I got a bow, and 35 arrows

Then I ran. I was so incredibly scared,

"Katarina!" I heard a British accent call out,

I looked at him, "Harry." I said while smiling, "I'll keep you safe Kat." He said smirking, He hugged me.




CONTEST: We need girlfriends for Niall, Louis, Zayn and Liam!

We need the following information, 

( Name, Age (15-17), Hobbys, What you like and act like.


Thanks guys! xx ~Katarina22.

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