Hunger games : Emotional

12 districts, Only one wins.
District 1: Emma, Liam.
District 2: Bree, Prim.
District 3: Zayn, Louise.
District 4: Beth, Ebony.
District 5: Katarina, Harry.
District 6: Caitlyn, Niall.
District 7: Hannah, Louis.
District 8: Jordan, Kenny.
District 9: Duck, Laila.
District 10: Jessi, Edward.
Districit 11: Abbie, Quinn.
Distrcit 12: Johnny, Zack.


4. Secret Alliance

Katarinas POV,

~An hour later~

Me and Harry started walking around,

we found a cave with light,

"Harry should we look in here? There's light.." I whispered to him.

"Yeah sure." He clarified to me,

we walked into the cave slowly.

We saw someone when they turned around they screamed,

"Louis!!!" The girl yelled out, then a guy came running out hugging her trying to calm her down.

"They're going to kill us Louis.." She whispered,

"No, No and no." Harry said with his British accent.

"We won't hurt you." I said smiling at her,

"I'm Katarina, this is Harry." I said pointing to Harry, he put his around around my waist and pulled me to his side.

"Okay.. I'm Hannah, this is my Louis." She said kissing Louis on the cheek.

"let's make a alliance?" I asked Hannah and Louis,

"sure, we'd love to." They said smiling around the room.


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