Hunger games : Emotional

12 districts, Only one wins.
District 1: Emma, Liam.
District 2: Bree, Prim.
District 3: Zayn, Louise.
District 4: Beth, Ebony.
District 5: Katarina, Harry.
District 6: Caitlyn, Niall.
District 7: Hannah, Louis.
District 8: Jordan, Kenny.
District 9: Duck, Laila.
District 10: Jessi, Edward.
Districit 11: Abbie, Quinn.
Distrcit 12: Johnny, Zack.


3. I feel safe in his arms

Harry's POV,

She's so beautiful, I think...

I love her, should I tell her?

Or give her the signal that I'll protect her no matter what.

Katarina's POV,

I couldn't stop looking at Harry's gorgeous green eyes, I smiled at him once more and got my bow prepared and looked around. I saw food, I went over and smirked, Then I saw someone, It's Prim.... I thought to myself, She saw me and came running my direction with a knife, "Stupid Katarina... Don't go around alone next time hey?" She laughed, Then got prepared to stab me. "Stop!! Katarina get back!" Harry said furiously, he took my bow, then shot Prim in the chest. "Thank you Harry.." I said quietly over Prim's dead and bloody body. "No problem babe." He said happily, "Kat... I love you." He continued. I was shocked at first but his British accent is irresistible. "I love you too Harry." I said smiling a big smile, He hugged me tightly, "I feel safe near and in your arms Harry." I said to him while playing with his curls. "Good to know babe." He grinned.

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