One Direction Imagines

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2. Liam Imagine 1

Your POV

You came home to a quiet house. Maybe too quiet.. You quickly set your things down and got comfortable. Just as you took your shoes off Liam came running and pulling you into the kitchen corner with him.

"Liam what is wrong with you"? You shouted.

"They- Their coming..." He whispered

"WHO-" Your started but, Liam cut you off.

"Quiet, we musn't anger the evil ones..." He muttered.

"Okay Fine," You started " Who are the evil ones"? You whisper/yelled.

"Look in the kitchen sink... if your brave enough" He mumbles staring.

You slowly get up but he grabs your arm and says, "Be careful Warrior... You are brave"

AYou walk to the kitchen sink to find 3 spoons laying down. You start laughing and look at Liam funny. He gives you an even scared look when something behind you grows enourmous and shadows over you. You look back and the spoon has grown huge. You scream and cry aswell as Liam as the spoon crushes you. After the spoon shrinks Liam comes over to you and says,

"I told you so"

Then runs off giggling chanting "FLAT STANLEY!!! FLAT STANLEY" through the house....



TWIST ENDING!!! LMAO You didn't expect that did you?! muhahaha just a start for now Ill make more of these if you like them.


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