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5. Darbi and Niall

Darbi's POV

I woke up on a couch remembering everything that had happened. I smiled and giggled slightly seeing as everyone was around me in different areas of the room...


The Boy's and I just got home from the VMA's and we were ready to celebrate their new trophy! Broken may I add. It was snowing little frost across the grass and Christmas was coming soon! Louis' got out the beer and everyone stopped and looked at him...

"Well, I guess Im drinking alone tonight" He mumbled.

We watched a comedy movie eating popcorn.We started decorating the house with Christmas items, well... I did.  Then It got crazy! I threw some popcorn at my boyfriend Niall. Throwing some back he stuck out his tongue, so I quickly shoved the bowl of popcorn in his face running off, and slamming into a drunk Louis' toppling over on top of him. The other boys circled around me as I got an idea. I ran to the kitchen leaving Louis' there to lay. I grabbed a pickle jar with only one pickle and a bunch of juice, Niall hated pickle juice. I quickly poured it into a cup and gave it to Niall saying,

"Im sorry babe! I didn't mean to get you cheesy! Here have a drink then go take a shower" I tried not to laugh. He took a couple gulps and then I ran off hearing him,

"GAHHH" He screamed, " Darbi get your butt over here! Your going to get it!"

After a few minutes of hiding in the closet it barged open and Niall picked my up throwing my over his shoulder and carrying me outside. I looked as to where he was taking me.... No... Oh- NO....

"PLease Niall NOOO" I shouted as the boys crowded around the see through screen door.

"Your punishment my lady" He stated hanging me above the cold dripping water as the tips of my hair became wet, I suddenly was drenched inside the pool shivering. It was freezing outside, inside the pool as well. The snow fell into my dark brown hair as my lip shivered.

"Yes yes you got me Niall the great now seriously get me out im freezing!" I yelled.

"What am I again?" He asked grabbing my hand to pull me out, but I pulled him in and made a huge splash, as he submerged I stuttered,

"A-a LOSER"! I screamed rushing out of the pool in attempt of escape. I tripped on a bed of ice and fell on my bum as tears pricked at my eyes.

He grabbed me from behind and picked me up carrying me inside. After my bum stopped hurting I took a look out back at the shining snow and the gorgeous sparkling water before I laid down and fell asleep.


What a night? I thought. Noticing mine and Niall's fingers were still intertwined. I laughed, my little snowflake. I got up and brushed through my long brown hair as Niall came up behind me and said,

"You know the beautiful freckles you have"?

"They are kisses from the sun Nialler" I giggled as he pulled me into a hug from behind looking at my face through the mirror.

"The sun can't have you Darbi, only me. I Love You" He kissed my cheek.

"I Love You Too Nini" I kissed his cheek too.

Best. Day. Ever. The only thing that could make this even more amazing is Niall's face when it lights up after I tell him hes going to see his family this Christmas I thought.

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