The one who stole my heart.

This is about a 16 year old girl, called Katarina.
Her father was put in jail for sexually abusing her.
After her mother died a year later, she got adopted.
You'll see who by. ;)


1. Intro.

Hi, my name is Katarina, I'm 16 years old.

My dad got put in jail two years ago for sexually abusing me,

my mum died one year after that, I got put up for adoption. I wonder who I'll get adopted by.


I heard the phone ring, I picked it up, "Hello?" I said politely "Hello, are you Katarina Jamse?" The lady asked, "Yes, yes I am." I responded, "In half an hour your adopters will be at your house!" She said happily, "Great!" I was so happy, finally getting adopted after 3 months. Yay.


I go into my room, get out a pair of denim blue shorts and a floral waist tied blouse and put them on, I brushed my brunette hair to the side, I out on mascara. Then I heard a knock at the door, I opened it, "Hel- omg." Then I blacked out.


Authors note;

Hey guys! Katarina here, like the first chapter?

Comment how I can make it better, what I should add and all that!

Bye! xx ~ Kat.

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