Epic fail

Summers over. School is starting. New school for Kai and her sister, Ciara. They two sisters moved from one side of the earth to the other to live with their aunt after their parents death. They are going to a boarding school that their parents went to years ago.

*note: I will be using anime pictures that ARE NOT MINE. I do give full credit to the owners. Whoever they are. Also, I know sounds bad, sorry I am bad at writing things like this.


4. Shopping


             Chapter 3:Shopping 


             Kai P.O.V

               Walking into the store I can clearly tell what we where here for. Uniforms. I sighed. "I thought we would go get clothes that we would actually enjoy wearing." I mumbled. Aunt Rina said,"Oh, dear did I not tell you? You will be wearing uniforms at this new school.However, don't worry I know how I was when I was in school, we will be getting everyday clothes as well."


                                                                *~time skip~*

                    Finally, Aunt Rina left Ciara and I to shop by ourselves. I had many pairs of jeans,random t-shirts with my favorite bands,gloves,bracelets,and rings. I glanced over at Ciara. I let a sign slip out. She had never been much of a shopper.


        Ciara P.O.V

              I was never the shopper of the family. That was Kai and mom's job. Never mine. I only had a few skirts,jeans,t-shirts,sweaters,and some knee socks. We both payed and got in the car that Aunt Rina was waiting in.


             A\N: Yeah I know sucky chapter. At least I got it done. As you can probably tell I have major writers block. I will try to update every week if it fits into my schedule. That aside, I hope you have a WONDERFUL day or night. I love you goodbye.   

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