Epic fail

Summers over. School is starting. New school for Kai and her sister, Ciara. They two sisters moved from one side of the earth to the other to live with their aunt after their parents death. They are going to a boarding school that their parents went to years ago.

*note: I will be using anime pictures that ARE NOT MINE. I do give full credit to the owners. Whoever they are. Also, I know sounds bad, sorry I am bad at writing things like this.


1. Kai and Ciara

Name: Kai Macuna

Age: 15

Personality: *Emo-ish, fearless, sarcastic.




          Kai's P.O.V

   The news report. It flickers in my mind. I sit up from my bed in the small hotel room. I wipe the tears from my eyes and look at the clock in between the two beds. 5:40. Yup, time to get ready for the airport. I get up and grab my bag with my clothes and makeup in it. After the usual morning prep for the day I walk over to the bed where my sister lay and shake her. "Ciara wake up. We gotta go. Hurry up and get changed." I said.

Name: Ciara

age: 15

Personality: artistic, shy, kind, quite, smart



     She sat up with a yawn. She threw her feet over the bed and pushed me aside and took her bag into the bathroom. Long story short, shes not a morning person.


     On the airplane, we wait for it to land. "Ciara, do you think mom would be mad at me?" I whispered while looking down. "No, I think she would be proud of you. You are the one who took care of us for a few weeks alone with the last of our money. Dad would be though. You know how he always hated the look you have and how he found you irresponsible. After the crash, I feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders. I know you were not very fond of dad but he did love you and I know deep down you loved him too." She said as if nothing had happened to our parents. Very...calm. We stayed silent for the rest of the flight.


      We arrived at the airport in England. Grabbed our 2 bags and walked outside to wait for our aunt Rina. A Limo pulled up and a lady dressed in red and white stepped out." Kai! Still looking prettier than ever! And dearest Ciara, darling you look so much like you mother when she was your age..." her eyes started to fill with tears,"Oh dear. I am so sorry for acting like this. It has been some time since i have seen you both. Well all of your stuff is back home at the manor. You both have your own rooms and I and the staff have unpacked it for you." With that she wisked us into the car. Ladies and gentlemen I introduce, Aunt Rina.


 *Emo-ish: Depressed,sad, lonely


 A/N: First chapter wasn't to bad if i do say so myself. Also the word "emo-ish" was is not meant to offend anyone.

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