Epic fail

Summers over. School is starting. New school for Kai and her sister, Ciara. They two sisters moved from one side of the earth to the other to live with their aunt after their parents death. They are going to a boarding school that their parents went to years ago.

*note: I will be using anime pictures that ARE NOT MINE. I do give full credit to the owners. Whoever they are. Also, I know sounds bad, sorry I am bad at writing things like this.


2. Arriving

 *Note: I will not do the character into thing for minor characters like Aunt Rina.



            Kai's P.O.V

      Sitting in a limo. Yup, that was always normal for a person that grew up in the poor part of town. I glance over at Ciara. It pains me to see her so down. Maybe it will change when the school year starts she will of course make friends if she comes out of shell. "So Kai, how have you been since you joined the Macuna family?" Aunt Rina asked."It's fine, after I was adopted into the family I did everything I was told to,but I as I grew up i got out of the phase after noticing how stupid it all was. Mom knew I was going to do that soon. Dad well...," I paused trying to choose my words carefully," lets just say he was another story." Then it was silent.


       The car went to a sudden stop. I jerked up from my sleep. "Come on Kai, we are here." Ciara said pulling me out of the car. Once I got my balance back i stepped back and fell on top of my sister. "What the hell? Do you want to kill me?" She said while pushing me off of her. "Sorry." We walked up to the doors and pulled one door open. "Welcome to my home!" Aunt Rina said from behind us. "Go upstairs and find the rooms with your names on it and start packing." "Packing?," we said in unison," We just got here." "Yes, I know, but school starts in a few days and I want you to get there early to unpack and meet room mates." We never have went to a boarding school before.Our parents could never afford it. We shuffled up the stairs and into my room."Hey Ci, don't you have to pack too?" I said while looking though my stuff."Yes,but Aunt Rina said that she would take us shopping in the morning to get some new things.So I will wait you should too." Ciara answered quickly. "Oh, okay."



*A/N: I know its short but I have a short time to write anything. Don't forget to comment,like,fav,and fan. If you catch any mistakes please tell me and I will try to fix it.

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