Secretly Dating (1D) (16+)

Darcy Styles is the daughter of the world famous Harry Styles. As his daughter Harry does anything to keep her safe, that means not allowing her to date anyone. But what happens when Darcy goes behinds her dad's back and dates someone? What happens when Harry finds out who it is?

Read to find out what will happen


1. Prologue

Hey everyone, my name is Darcy Styles. Yes, I'm the Darcy styles, daughter of world famous Harry Styles. The Harry Styles that is in the band One Direction, who sell out shows all around the world. So yeah I'm his daughter. 

People tell me all the time that I must get away with everything because my dad is Harry Styles, while actually it's the opposite. My dad is very overprotective, that he watches my every move. No joke. He had the school install cameras so he can watch me at school. He even has a tracking device on my phone. But the thing that he most protective of is my dating boys. 

My dad does not like the fact of my dating anyone, even though I'm sixteen. Mom says it's because I'm his little girl and he can not stand the fact that one day I will start dating and then get married. What ever the cause is my dad still freaks even if a guy just says hey to me. Every time that happens I get ask a million question about the guy. 

My dad thinks that if he keeps all the guys away from me and not let me date anyone that I will always be this innocent little girl. But the truth is that I'm a rabble. What daddy doesn't know is that I'm dating someone. Someone that he would never approve of. Someone that if he found out he would die. 


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