'Paradise?' is about a group of friends who get into the wrong crowd. They think they've made the best friends they could ever hope for...

Until things take a horiffying turn for the worst. The group of friends go on a weekend break and soon enough all hell breaks loose.

Avery, Marla, Benji, Karlos and Kamile are having fun in the sun...Until kamile goes missing...

The group run to their new 'Friends' for help, unaware that at that very moment someone is planning their murders...

Check out Avery's Diary (Sequel to Paradise?...Maybe Not)!!


4. What?!?!

Chapter 4



As she turned around to walk back to the campfire, Phoebe got a little disorientated. She couldn't figure out which way to go. She didn't realise she'd walked that far...Well Katia, Richard and Connor had definately gone by now. But hold on, how would they find their way back? Surely they shouldn't have gone that far into the forests.

Phoebe walked for a minute until she saw the fire through the trees. 'Oh thank god!' She ran back towards the fire and said, 'Hey, i'm back. Nearly got lost there.'

'I noticed, you'd been gone for ages.' said Karlos.

'How long?'

'About half an hour!.' said Avery. 'Kamile went looking for you.'

'What?!? And you let her go alone!' said Phoebe, shocked.

'Its ok, there's no one here only us lot.' said Avery.

'No, you dont understand....There's something not right about Katia, Connor and Richard...They know their way around these woods scarily well. I followed them...They were looking at something one of them had in their bag. There's something not right...' said Phoebe, worried.

'Look, i'm sure everythings fine...' said Marla, as she looked down she saw a piece of paper on the floor. 'What's this...' She picked it up.

'WAIT NO!...' Shouted Phoebe, snatching the piece of folded paper off Marla.

'Whoa, whats going on...' said Marla.

'We need to find Kamile and Get the hell outta here!' Phoebe said.

'Why what is that.' said Marla, pointing at the piece of paper in Phoebe's shaking hand.

Phoebe slowly held the photo out to Marla and Avery. They looked at it open mouthed then looked at each other. 'get the stuff together, take it to the car. Me marla and Phoebe are gonna go find Kamile.' Avery said to Benji and Karlos. 'And, if those guys come back, drive off and call me. we'll meet somewhere later.'

'Whoa dude, you mean leave you here?!' Said Benji looking at the photo, 'With these maniacs? Phe, how could you not know they were like this?'

'Well i kinda did, but i only found out yesterday before i came to yours. Katia told me about what she did, and well that photo says it all. But she honestly looked awful, like she really regretted it...' Phoebe was cut off.

'Look that doesnt matter right now! Go find my sister!' said Karlos.

They ran in their seperate directions, Benji and Carlos were taking down the tents and taking the coolers to the car. They put out the fire so it would be harder for Katia and Richard and Connor to find their way back.

Avery, Marla and Phoebe went looking for Kamile. 'I'm sorry, i should have told you sooner!' said phoebe.

'Yeah you should have, but at least you told us while we're all still alive.' said Marla. 'Well, hopefully they haven't found Kamile wandering around on her own.'

They'd been looking for about an hour, going round and round in circles always ending up back where they'd set up camp. 'Oh Fuck! What is this bullshit? KAMILE!!!' Marla shouted.

'Calm down, We'll find her.' said Phoebe.

'Yeah, i'd prefer to find her alive though. At this rate they're gonna find her first.' said Marla

They heard branches breaking and crunching under running footsteps. They looked around but couldn't find anyone. Avery's phone rang, 'hello?' he answered.

'Dude, we're in the car. We'll wait here for you.' said Benji.

'Ok, dude, i gotta go i think theres someone nearby.'

Avery hung up. They could still hear the noises. Someone put their hand on avery's shoulder. Someone wearing a mask, Phoebe and Marla screamed. 

The person in the mask said, 'Hello Avery.' 

Avery spun round and took the masked person to the gound...there was a bit of struggling until the masked person was no longer moving, but fitting instead. 'Avery what have you done!!?!' 

Marla ran over to the masked person lying on the floor, after he'd stopped fitting she peaked under the mask and saw that it was richard! Avery had stabbed him in the throat. Marla's hand was covered in blood from where she'd moved the mask. 'Avery, you've killed him!'

'Thats what i was aiming to do. Now its you turn, Marla.' said avery trnng round to marla still holding the knife covered in Richards blood.

'What are you doing Avery please! Stop it!' she was stepping bakwards slowly while he was stepping closer to her... 

She couldnt step back any more...He had her backed against a tree trunk. She looked around and saw phoebe running off. 'Avery, think about this...' 

'I am, you, Phoebe, Connor, Richard, Karlos, Kamile and Benji could allg ive the secret away, Get katia in trouble for what she did. I don't want that for her. You see, me and Katia, we're in love. All we want is a quiet life with no trouble, no worries and no stress. The only way to do that, is to get rid of the trouble, worries and stress. Thats you guys. So, Marla, say goodbye to the world, this is the last time you'll ever see it...'


Phoebe was panting, she'd stopped running but couldn't breathe. She had to stop. She knew Avery wasn't following, he was too busy with Marla. Phoebe was trying to find another way to the car park. She didnt know that she was heading deeper into the woods. Heading straight towards Katia, who was dealing with Connor.

'I could never trust you...Why did you take this back out of the loft?'

'I never put it back in there.' said Connor, blood spilling from his mouth from where she'd been hitting him with the gun.

'YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO LET IT BURN WITH YOUR GRNDPARENTS! Or didn't you do that either?! You're a liar, Connor. I'm sorry but i have to do this...'

Phoebe, who was watching this at the time, gasped before anything happened and ran in the opposite direction. Back to where she'd just come from. She realised and took a left turn hoping it would lead her away from everyone.


'Avery please stop, you're hurting me.' Marla moaned as he ran the sharp knife over her bare legs.

'Hey're bleeding.' He said sarcastically.

'Stop it!' Marla screamed.

'How about you stop it...Stop screaming, stop moaning and stop moving. It would make this so much easier...' He said smiling darkly.

Marla was terrified. I'm about to die, she thought to herself. There had to be a way she could get away. She thought for a moment, she had time, Avery was too busy cutting her legs with the knife. He ran the knife across her knees then stopped and stood up. He got close to her face, so his nose was almost touching Marla's, 'So, take it all in Marla...' 

She swiftly kicked him in his misters. He fell in pain and dropped the knife. She picked it up and ran towards the car park.

She kept tripping and falling so she took off her flip flops and then carried on running. She got to the car park, and saw Benji and Karlos waiting in her car. The eadlights were on and the windows steamed up. She opened the back seat door and climbed in, 'Ok, guys drive...' 

'There was no reply. She'd been too busy locking her door and putting on her seatbelt to notice that Benji and Karlos were dead.

Benji's throat had been cut and he had been shot too. Most likely was shot first. Laura's killing had been immitated with Karlos. One shot to the forehead...

Marla, horrified, opened her door and walked around the car, wondering what to do. In the end she thought she should just pull the bodies out of the car and get in and drive off. 

As she was heaving benji and Karlos out of the car, she heard footsteps behind her... 

She turned around...'Kamile!' Marla sighed, relieved. 

'Help me..' Kamile stuttered. 'She's coming, her and Avery, we need to get to hospital. She's killed connor too.'

Marla helped Kamile into the car. She started the engine and quickly drove off.


Back in the woods, Katia and Avery had caught up with Phoebe...They'd cornered her in a old hut deep in the forest...

'Katia, why are you doing this? You know I wouldn't tell anyone.' PLeaded Phoebe.

'Fact is, you took the photo in the first place. And you wasn't going to give it back until we asked you for it. How do we know what you were planning on doing with it.' Said Katia.

'But i wouldn't. I was going to keep it safe so no one else would see...' Phoebe stumbled.

'Shut up Phoebe. I was sat with you when you took it. If you was gonna keep it safe ypu would have given it back to me then.'

'Katia, stop trying to reason with the freak, do what you do best. I'll go back to the car park for the others.' said Avery, handing the gun over to Katia.

'Don't worry about them, I already got them.'

'Awesome. Saves time. It means we can get out of here soon.' said Avery.

Avery walked out of the hut, then realised something. 'Katia!' he shouted, running back into the hut. 'Marla got away, and we've lost Kamile...'

'Never mind them, we can get them another time. They cant hide forever.'

'But if they call the police...' said Avery.

'They wont.' said Katia.

'How can you be so sure?'

'Well i've got Marla's phone, AND Kamiles.' said Katia.

'That doesnt stop them going to the police another way...Think about it Katia. We've just murdered their friends. That includes you Phoebe...' said Avery.

Phoebe whimpered, and suddenly a shot blasted out and their was a struggle between Phoebe and Katia.

Katia had tried to shoot Phoebe but she'd grabbed Katia's arm and twisted it, then grabbed the gun off her. The shot got Avery in the Ankle causing him to fall. He tried to get up to help Katia, but before he knew it, Phoebe was standing over him pointing the gun directly at his heart.

'Goodbye, Avery...I thought you were a friend.'... Then she shot him through the heart.

Phoebe had her back to Katia, and hadn't noticed that she'd managed to stand up again and was quietly walking towards her. She spun round with the gun to get Katia next, but Katia was standing directly behind her. Katia punched Phoebe in the face and phoebe dropped the gun. Katia grabbed it and fired 3 shots in Phoebe's direction.  

Then ran straight over to Avery and fell to his side.

'Avery?' she whispered, trying to be strong and hold back tears. Avery did not move or make a sound. He was dead.

Katia cried...She sat there for 4 hours at Avery's side. Phoebe's body lying behind her. She heard men shouting. The police had found her...

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