'Paradise?' is about a group of friends who get into the wrong crowd. They think they've made the best friends they could ever hope for...

Until things take a horiffying turn for the worst. The group of friends go on a weekend break and soon enough all hell breaks loose.

Avery, Marla, Benji, Karlos and Kamile are having fun in the sun...Until kamile goes missing...

The group run to their new 'Friends' for help, unaware that at that very moment someone is planning their murders...

Check out Avery's Diary (Sequel to Paradise?...Maybe Not)!!


2. Their Secrets...

Chapter 2.

Their Secrets.


Katia's secret had stayed between her and Richard, not even her best friend Phoebe knew. She knew she couldn't hide it forever, she'd have to let phoebe know. She' d have to get it off her chest...and soon.

Because people always wondered why she was so quiet all the time. It was because this secret was killing her, she was scared that she'd just blurt it out if she spoke.


Katia had only just realised that the Amy in her maths class was the same Amy who's best friend she'd killed. Amy...not a nice girl as i think we've gathered. Amy, the bitch who blamed her boyfriend for killing Laura.

Her boyfriend Daniel, Avery's best friend, was charged with Laura's murder, he couldn't believe that his own girlfriend could acuse him of that! Neither could Avery...Thats why he hates her so much. The only reason she was with Daniel in the first place was to get closer to Avery but anyway...

Before the trial and Daniel's arrest, he'd started self harming, he couldn't deal with everyone blaming him for Laura's death.

Just before he was sent to prison he found out Amy had been cheating on him, and that she only acused him of murder to try and make him break up with her...

But then he hung himself the day before he was supposed to be going to prison. He was only 19 at the time.

And all of that, is why Avery can't stand the sight of Amy Wheeler..

The next day at college Katia walked over to the canteen before her first class. She said, 'Phoebe, can we talk later...alone?'

'Yeah, sure everything ok?'

'Yeah, i just need to tell you something.' Katia was trembling...Scared of what Phoebe would think of her after all this. She was always seen as the quiet innocent girl of their group, could never do no wrong.

Marla turned around, 'What was up with katia?'

'Nothing she's just being all quiet and shy again.' said Phoebe. 'So you got maths with the bitch first then?'

'Yep! that means you have too.' said Marla.

'Oh, fuck. Well this should be fun.' said Phoebe sarcastically.

They walked off to their maths class where they met up with Avery, Richard, Kamile and connor who was in their class today. Katia was already sat at her desk doodling on her notebook, looking troubled.

Of course, we all know why...

We know her secret, but no one else does.

I'm surprised Amy hasnt recognised me yet. Katia thought to herself. Of course she wouldn't...she's too busy all over Jake and Avery to even take a second look at some dumb new girl. But what would happen if she did recgnise me?...

Thats a good question...

What would happen...

Hopefully she never does recognise Katia, she could end up spilling her secret out of fear.

Phoebe, Avery, Marla, Connor and richard sat down, 'Everything ok Kat?' asked Richard.

'Yeah, just got a few things on my mind. Doesn't matter though, i'll be fine.' said Katia.

'Oh, well i hope so babe.' said richard just as Amy, Jake, Michael, Sierra and Lottie came into the room. 'Oh, great...I can see things fucking up today.'

'Nah, i think Avery got his point across yesterday. Umm, i was just thinking about what happened in London...' said Katia quietly.

'You mean that laura girl..'

'SSSHHH!' Snapped katia. 'Youre the only one who knows remember! You and phoebe need to come with me at break, just you guys, no one else. I need to tell you something.'

'Err, ok then.' said richard, slightly confused. what could she need to talk about so urgently...I already know all that happened back then...But phoebe doesn't...Why does she need phoebe.

After the two hour maths class, Katia, Richard and Phoebe all went behind one of the tutoring blocks where they couldnt be seen, they had a smoke and Katia talked. 'That girl Amy, in our maths class...'

'Yeah she's in my Phsychology class after break,' said Phoebe.

'Well Phoebe, i have a secret i need to tell you...but you CAN NOT tell anyone, seriously guys this is important...Back when richard and I went to school in London, there was a girl, Laura Sutcliffe, she hated me, bullied me, beat me up...Her best friend, was Amy. the girl in our classes, Thats her! Well anyway, Richard already knows this but i ended up retalliating, i saw Laura one day, alone on a park and...and.. i kinda like...killed her...' she said quietly. 'What if Amy recognises me and puts it all together?'

Phoebe was stunned. She stood there in front of Katia, open mouthed. Couldn't believe what she just heard. 'Does Amy know it was you?'

'No, she blamed her boyfriend for the murder, cheated on him and got him arrested. Thats why Avery hates Amy. Her boyfriend was Avery's best friend in school. Him and Jake were Avery's friends. But Amy broke this guys heart and he killed himself before he was due to go to prison.' Explained Katia.

Phoebe had just finished smoking but was in so much shock she lit up another. 'You...killed...a girl? and got away with it. How? You'll have to teach me.'

'What...I thought you'd be disgusted in me Phe...I'm a murderer! A monster! I should be in fucking prison!!'

'No, you're my were being bullied, this Laura girl deserved it. Ok so now thats out of the way, are we still on for this weekend?' said Phoebe.

Katia and Richard nodded, Katia looked worried though.

She's hate to have to relive it all...


In the canteen, Marla, Benji, Avery, Karlos and Kamile were sat at their usual table. 'Where did theose guys go to...they just disappeared after maths.' said Marla.

'Who?' asked Karlos.

'Oh, some new guys here, they're pretty cool, we were hanging out with them yesterday.' explained Marla.

'Ok cool, new friends! Awesome.' said Kamile. 'What are they like?'

Kamile had her Health and social care class all afternoon, and Karlos was in there with her. 'Well i think one of them might be in your class this afternoon, I think Phoebe said their friend connor was in there today.' said Marla.

'Oh well we'll keep an eye out. Oh by the way, i got your message yesterday and we are free this weekend. The nurses are in so we can go out all weekend! I dont get paid till saturday though so if you guys get the booze i'll pay you back on saturday.' said Kamile.

When everyone had finished their food, they got up and walked around to see if they could find Phoebe and the others. They found them just walking over the courtyard behind the Maths department. 'Hey guys, where did you disappear off to?' asked Marla.

'Oh, just behind there for a fag.' said Phoebe.

'I'm just going to the toilet...' said katia quietly and darted off inside.

'Is she ok?' asked Avery.

'Yeah, just a girl called her a few names earlier.' Richard lied.

'Oh, anyway, this is Kamile and Karlos...Guys this is Phoebe, Richard and Katia just darted off.' They all said hi to each other then they waited for Katia to return.

'We kinda ditched connor after Maths...wanna take a look to see if we can find him?' said Richard.

'Yeah just a sec, i'm gonna go get Kat.' said Phoebe.

Phoebe went into the girls toilets to find katia. Only one door was locked so she was alone in there. ' the door please, you've been in here ages so you cant say your peeing.' said Phoebe hoping that would make Katia laugh...It didn't.

'Go away, i wanna be alone for a bit.'

'Well we dont...we want to make sure your ok. Please kat...come out, wipe your face, fix your make up and lets go. Everyone's waiting for us. said Phoebe.

There was a moment of silence, then the lock clicked and the door swung open, Katia stood in front of Phoebe with black make up running down her face, her eyes all poofy and red. Phoebe rummaged in her bag and got out some make up wipes, face powder and her eyeliner. She handed it all over to katia and said, 'Its a good job we have the same colour skin,' hinting at the powder.

'Thanks Phe, you're a good friend.' said Katia.

'No problem. I wont judge you katia. Its in the past...We all have a past, some worse than others and out of me, richard connor and you, you'd win the worst past award but that doesnt bother me...OR richard, coz we love you for you, Richard loves you in a different kinda way though, i'm not a lesbia...'

'Phe, shut up...You're just babbling now.' said Katia with a little smile.

'Oh, yeah, ok...sorry.' said phe feeling a little stupid. Katia looked up into the mirror and saw Phoebe standing behind her, she smiled at her then they both started laughing.

'See...I've always been good at cheering you up haven't I?' said Phoebe.


5 Minutes later Katia and Phoebe returned to the others. They took a walk around the college and talked about the weekend. 'So you guys up for it?' Avery asked phoebe, Katia, Richard and Connor. 'Just us lot in the woods with a few beers and food!'

'Do you think if we order a take out they'll deliver it to the woods?' asked Benji.

'Where the fuck did you come from?' said Avery.

'I've been walking behind you for 5 minutes.'

'Oh...Er, anyway, its worth a shot dude. If not we'll have to meet them somewhere.' said Avery.

'Where you guys off to anyway.' Asked Benji.

'Just walking...Oh benji, this is connor.' said Marla.

'Y'alright dude...' said Benji shaking Connor's hand.

Connor was quiet most of the time, no one knew why though. He wasn't being bullied and he didnt have a huge secret...not like Katia. So what was his excuse for being so quiet all the time.

Maybe he was just shy...Although Phoebe had said she could never shut him up in school. Always chatting up the girls and hanging out with his friends he was kind of the leader of the group.

Connor, was 6'1 and a skinny guy, dark brown eyes and brown hair, always styled to look kinda messy. Marla thought he was a good looking guy, maybe Yeah best not tell anyone that yet though.

Phoebe never understood why connor went so quiet after school. It was in his last college when he started to change. His attitude changed...not his personality. He started working out more, spent loads more time having 'private' conversations over the phone with someone...Phoebe and her friends were convinced it was a girl...

Well it was a girl...but not a girlfriend.

At times, it sounded like they were planning something.

It was probably nothing but after college and just before he started at this one, the phone calls stopped and he looked troubled all of a sudden. Like there was something he wasn't telling them.

But they knew he would tell them if something was up. He hated keeping things to himself. It made him feel bad, upset, stressed...He already had anger problems. He didn't need his own problems adding to it too.

After the holidays he'd seemed a little happier, so Phoebe thought nothing of it...Until today...

She was sat at Richards place with Katia and Connor. He got up to go to the bathroom when his phone fell out his pocket. Phoebe picked it up. She wasn't going to snoop, she just wanted to know the time. She pressed a button and up popped his inbox...

Tommy - Dude that's heavy...So Kat did it! And you've hidden it right? Anyway so that girls friend is at your college now...Best be careful what you talk about now dude, You and Katia dont wanna get caught out :/

Yeah i know man! Glad I hid it in my grandparents loft before they died.

Connor knew?!?

How? Maybe she'd read it wrong or got the wrong end of the stick...but there was no time to check, connor was on his way back downstairs! She threw his phone back onto the chair where he was sat. She stood up and went outside.

There was no way connor could know! He'd only just started hanging around with Katia...They didn't know her until they met her at a gig about 3 weeks before they started at this college...Did they? Is there something they're not telling phoebe or was she just taking it all the wrong way...

Well, she was hellbent on finding out what was going on...

So Richard and Connor both knew Katis's secret...Connor could have even been in on it. But what about richard. Him and Katia had been together for 3 years now, maybe he was in on it too. But how would she find out?

Phoebe's heart was pounding in her chest, she was pacing back and forth on Richards garden, thinking.

What is going on!?! There is no way this can be happening. Maybe i'm dreaming. God, I hope i'm dreaming. Right ok, calm down...

Think phoebe think!

So Katia shot that girl Laura, obviously richard knew, he's her boyfriend, but those texts on Connor's phone, 'Glad i hid it'? what does that mean? Did he give Katia the gun and then hide it so they wouldn't get caught? Thats the most likely thing I can think of!

But why did they act like they didn't know each other when they started here at college? Maybe so no one would figure it out...Jesus Phoebe, I think you've cracked it!

So Phoebe might know everything, but she could be wrong. I mean, maybe she's just overreacting. But she needs to talk to connor, find out what all this bullshittery is about, Whats going on, who knew, and who was in on it.

What if he gets angry, has a go at me, thinks i was snooping?...Just tell him the truth, i wanted to check the time and up came the texts from 'Tommy.' Yeah! thats all i have to do. Its not like I'm gonna blab.

She texted connor from outside, Dude, can you come outside please?

A minute later connor came outside, 'Whats up?'

Phoebe stuttered a little, 'I...Er, Its just that...It doesnt matter. But can we talk another time?'

'Yeah sure. You sure everythings ok?'

'Yeah, I'm fine.' said Phoebe.

Connor went back inside, Phoebe stood there for a second, took out a cigarette and lit it. Then she took out her phone and took the back off. Inside was a piece of paper that fell out of Connor's pocket with his phone. It could have been nothing but with what she's just seen, you can never be too sure.

She unfolded it and gasped...


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