'Paradise?' is about a group of friends who get into the wrong crowd. They think they've made the best friends they could ever hope for...

Until things take a horiffying turn for the worst. The group of friends go on a weekend break and soon enough all hell breaks loose.

Avery, Marla, Benji, Karlos and Kamile are having fun in the sun...Until kamile goes missing...

The group run to their new 'Friends' for help, unaware that at that very moment someone is planning their murders...

Check out Avery's Diary (Sequel to Paradise?...Maybe Not)!!


1. The New Guys.

Chapter 1

The New Guys.


Avery Spencer, a nineteen year old college student, was walking towards college one Monday morning. It was the first day back after half term for the summer holidays.

Avery was 6'2, with Light Brown hair and Blue eyes, he was studying Music. He played the drums in a band he formed in school but the band broke up. Then he started to learn guitar again. He used to play years ago but wanted to play the drums in the end. Now he's gone back to guitar. So anyway, he was just walking listening to music when a car pulled up next to him.

'Hey, bro. Why you walking? I told you i'd give you a ride.' This was Avery's brother Benji. He was 20 years old, 5'8, short blond hair and a little bit chubby. He was at college studying Food Technology and Catering because he wanted to be a chef. 'I didn't think you had college on mondays.' said Avery as he got into his brothers car.

'I do now. I got quite a bit of work to catch up on, coz, you know, i had that time off when Sunita died. They're making me go in every day for two weeks.' Said Benji.

'Ah, to be you.' said Avery. ' Cant they just extend your course?'

'That's what i said but they're being dicks about it.' said Benji.

Sunita was Benji's long-term girlfriend. They had been together for nearly three years but she went on holiday and her body was found in the woods. Police say she was murdered.

'Who's out later today anyway?' asked Benji.

'Not sure yet. I'll find out later.'

'You ok bro? You seem a little wierd.' said benji.

'Nah, i'm fine...just tired and i think i drank a little too much last night.' said Avery.

'Haha! yeah true, you were plastered! Good night though.' said benji

'Too right, we're doing it again sometime. Hopefully Kamile doesnt have to work this weekend. we could do it then.' said Avery.

'Well, ring her later and find out.' said Benji.

'I'll just wait till she finishes work.' said Avery.

'When does she finish?' asked Benji.

'5. Might be meeting her and Marla later... and Karlos.' said Avery. 'I'll be seeing Marla and Karlos at college so i'll ask them.'

They parked up in the college Car Park and as they stepped out the car they were greeted by a very sleepy looking Marla. 'Hey, Alchy! How's your head?' asked Benji.

'Banging...banging fucking banging! i swear to God, if the sun comes out today i'll die, just looking at white walls hurt my head.' she complained.

'Haha! should be like me and not get hangovers then!' said Benji.

'Come on, we'll get you a coffee before you have to go to class.' said Avery.

'And i'm going straight to the Food room to start catching up on my work.' said Benji.

'Ok, dude. Call me later yeah?' said Avery.

'Will do...see you later Marla.'

'See ya.' Marla and Avery walked to the little On-Campus Cafe to get coffee and Caramel Shortcake for Marla. 'You not having anything?' she asked Avery.

'Nah i'm good for now. Had two coffee's before i left the house!'

'Oh, was it that bad?'

'Oh, yeah! next time, we're doing that on a saturday, not sunday...ooh that reminds me, are you free this weekend, me and Benji were thinking we could party all weekend if everyone's free and can chip in for booze?' said Avery.

'Yeah i think i'm free. I'll let you know though. Right I'd better be off, thanks for the coffee Avery.' said Marla.

'No problem. I'll catch you at dinner ok.' said Avery.

'Yeah ok.' said marla. She hugged Avery goodbye and then went off to her Pshychology class. She walked down thee corridor then across the courtyard to the Physcology unit. She walked in and went up the corridor and entered her classroom.

She noticed a new girl with black hair and piercings sitting in her usual seat so decided to sit at the desk next to her. She said 'Hey I'm phoebe...I'm new here today.'

'Oh, hey I'm Marla.' she replied taking her books out of her bag. 'Do you know anyone here?'

'No not really just a few friends from my old college. Would you mind showing me where the canteen is later. No one's bothered giving me a map of the campus or anything so i'm kindda lost.' said the new girl Phoebe.

'yeah sure, i mean i can show you and i can give you my map, i dont need it any more. i now this place like the back of my hand now.' said Marla.

'Ok thanks.' said phoebe. Their teacher walked in and asked the class for quiet while she introduced phoebe to the class.

'Would anyone like to volunteer to show phoebe round the campus at dinner?' asked Mrs Lawner.

'I already told her i would.' said Marla smiling.

'Ok, thank you marla. that's very nice of you.'

Phoebe came back and sat down at her desk, Mrs Lawner explained their lesson plan and told everyone to get a laptop. Marla pushed her table right up next to Phoebe's so she could explain how everything worked and help her through her first lesson of Pshychology. They talked while they worked.

Phoebe told Marla how she normally gets bullied because she's different. Marla said she doesn't judge people, she accepts anyone who's decent. She texted Avery

Marla - Hey there's a new girl in my class, I'm showing her around at dinner, wanna come? :) x

Avery - Yeah sure, what's she like?

Marla - Seems to be a goth, maybe a little shy too, but she's nice :) x

Avery- Ah ok well i'll meet you in the canteen? x

Marla - Yeah thats where we're headed as soon as class is over x

Marla put her phone away and carried on with her work.

Phoebe, who was 18, around 5'4 and curvy, not chubby but curvy, with sparkilly brown eyes put her new books about physchology away in her black leather bag with shiney studs all over it.

'Nice bag...' said Amy, a bitchy tart who was in Marla's pshychology class. 'creep.' she then added under her breath.

Marla turned to Phoebe and said, 'Just ignore her. She's a bitch anyway.'

They were walking down the hallway towards the courtyard then turned towards the canteen. Phoebe spotted one of her friends from her old college. 'Hey richard!' she shouted.

Richard turned around, he was tallish, around 5'9 with curly brown hair. He also had piercings and was wearing a black millitary style jacket.

'Hey, phe. Glad i found you...I'm totally lost.'

'Haha! Well its a good job Marla's showing me around, i'm sure she wouldn't mind you coming along too?' Marla said as she turned to Marla.

'Of course thats fine guys. We're heading to the canteen to meet my friend Avery, then we're gonna take a walk around campus, so you can get used to the place. That ok?'

'yeah, that sounds cool.' richard said.

Marla took them both to the canteen and sat down with Avery while Phoebe and Richard got their food. They all had a free period that afternoon then maths and they were all in the same study room for that. 'So we have an extra hour to walk around campus.' Explained Avery as Phoebe and Richard ate their food.

'Awesome.' said richard. 'Is it ok if i meet my girlfriend and she comes too?'

'Yeah thats fine dude.' said Avery. 'We'll be meeting my brother and our friend Karlos too.'

'No we wont, carlos had class all afternoon. But we'll be meeting benji.' said Marla.

'Oh...well i'll find out where benji is then we'll go meet him.' Avery got out his phone and rang his brother. 'Hey dude, where are you, i'm in the canteen.'

'Well i'm standing behind you bro.' said Benji.

'Oh fuck i didnt know you were stood there.' said Avery, still holding the phone to his ear.

'I'm a fat bastard how could you not see me?' said Benji.

'You're not exactly FAT though are you...wait why are we stil talking to each other over the phone?' said avery starting to smile.

'I dont know.'

'Shall we stop it?'

'I think we should.' said Benji.

'Ok, well bye.' said Avery.

'Bye.' said Benji.

They both hung up the phone, looked at each other and started laughing. 'Dude are you still drunk from last night?' asked Benji.

'Its possible. I did drink way too much to still be alive...its a miracle.'

'Ah, your partying kinda guys?' asked richard.

'Yeah, could say that.' said Avery.

'Awesome well thats what we do best aint it phe.' said richard.

'Maybe not what we do best but its what we do mostly, haha!' said Phoebe. 'Right i'm done! shall we walk?'

'We shall.' said Avery.

They walked out of the canteen to the smoking area at the side of the college so Phoebe, richard and Avery could smoke. They went back on the college campus and Phoebe, Richard and richards girlfriend Katia, Who they met up with at the smoking shelter, were being showed round the college by Marla Avery and Benji.

They had a laugh and a joke, then went into the Maths unit and Marla said to them, 'This is where you'll have your maths class in... half an hour,' she said checking her phone for the time.

'Oh, its small.' said Katia looking through the window to the classroom.

'Yeah, there's not many people in our class. There's us lot and sometimes Benji too but he's catching up on his work for another class this week. And there's also about 4 other girls and 3 guys, they all sit together at the back so we can sit at the front together if you like.' Said Avery.

'Shit, thats a thing! i gotta get back to my class.' said benji begginning to jog towards the Food technology department.

'See ya!' said Avery.

'So for half an hour, what you wanna do/go?' asked Marla. 'We could go back to the smoking shelter and by the time we get back here it'll be time for class.'

'Yeah, that sounds like a plan. You always need a fag before and after maths...I hate maths...Maths is boring...'said Avery.

'You've perked up a bit.' said Marla. 'You looked like death this morning.'

'I've woken up more now. still feel like shit though.' said Avery.

They started walking towards the smoking shelter and they had a smoke. 'Katia, you're really quiet.' said Avery.

'She's a little shy.' said Richard putting his arm around Katia.

'Aww, No need to be shy. we're nice! i swear.' said Marla giving Katia a really cheesy smile making Katia giggle.

'Yeah be like that more.' said Avery.

'She's like that a lot when she's drunk,' said Phoebe.

'Anyway are we done here?' asked Marla.

Everyone answered yes and they walked back up to their maths classroom, they still had five minutes to go so they decided to claim their seats at the front of the class. They got comfy and got their things out. The other students came in and sat at the back. They were already bitching about the new students, but they decided not to say anything back. Lucky them...Amy was in that class this year.

'Oh, the joys...' said Avery sarcastically. Avery had never liked amy. She's always try to flirt with him. She did genuinely think he was 'hot' but avery was not interested in a dumb tart like her. He hated her, in fact. Ever since she broke his best friends heart.

'Hey avery.' amy said as she sat on the end of Avery's desk.

'Go away please.' said Avery sarcastically smiling at her.

'Oh, come on. Just talk to me... You look depressed, maybe i can make you feel better.' Amy flirted as she winked at him.

'Look bitch! i dont want you...i dont like you...I dont even want to know of your existance, so please, do everyone a favor and shut up, sit down and stay the fuck away from me!' Avery snapped at Amy.

'Whoa, dude calm down.' said Marla looking over at him. 'Where did that come from.'

'I just don't like her...Not one bit.' said Avery. Their maths tutor walked into the room and asked for everyone to get out their things and do a mock maths test on the laptop.

Amy and her friends were sat at the back, bitching about people they didnt like, putting on tonnes more make up, and flirting with the guys they hung out with. When their teacher left the room for a moment to go get more text books Amy's friend Jake walked over to avery, 'Look, dont you dare talk to Amy like that again.'

'Well she'll have to stay away from me from now on if you want that to happen.' said Avery.

Avery was never really scared of anyone. He'd always had a temper and was able to put people on their arses easily enough due to his height and mucsley-ness. Jake was no exception.

'Watch your back, greb.' Jake said as he walked off.

'I'm not scared of you Jake.' said Avery. 'My 8 year old sister could take you down.'

'Yeah, i'll have you mate, you'll see.' said Jake sitting back down next to amy.

'Yeah alright then 'mate'.' Avery mocked him.

Amy and her friends then hugged Jake and all the girls were giggling and clinging on to jake like he was some kind of hero...Yeah, right(!) All he was, was a complete douche, and a bully.

They were allowed a 15 minute break half way through the 2 hour class. most people who smoked had to hurry down to the smoking area and then hurry back, but Avery and the others had found a spot behind the Language Unit where they wouldn't be caught smoking on campus, and it was only a 3 minute walk away. Plus, they didnt want to risk bumping into Jake and Amy again at the smoking shelter. 'I dont get it...Me and Jake used to be quite good friends.' said Avery.

'Yeah back in school. Then you finished school, got new friends, he didn't like the fact you changed your style and music taste and decided to hate you because your different. Most people are like that nowadays. Hate you because your different.' Said Marla.

'I used to get bullied all the time in school for being different. People used to beat me up too. Then i dropped out of school and had home tutoring, and i thought the bullying would stop, until the bitch who did most of the bullying moved to my area. She ended up putting me in hospital and i could have died. But i was lucky.' said Katia.

'Shit...That kinda sucks. Does she still live round your area?' asked Marla.

'No. She left. After i started sticking up for myself.'

'Well good, I'm glad you did. No point in being put down all your life huh? Stand up and fight is what i say.' said Avery.

'I gotta say, i was so proud of her when she started using that backbone she developed.' said Richard. 'But trust me, now, you dont wanna get on the wrong side of her. Or phoebe.'

'Yeah...i can be quite just have to really get to me.' said Phoebe.

'Where's connor today anyway?' asked Katia. 'I'm sure he said he started today.'

'Yeah he's had classes all day. We'll be seeing him later when he comes round to mine.' said Richard.

'You have your own place?' asked Avery.

'Yeah, its only small but good enoug for the parties!' said Katia.

By this point they were walking back towards their maths class. They walked back in and sat down in their seats. Jake and amy, their minions following not far behind, came in and gave them all a dirty look and then they sat down.

Richard whispered to Marla, 'What is their problem?'

'Thats just the way they are, think they're better than everyone else and think they can judge everyone.' Marla whispered back.

'They need to sort their lives out.' said richard.

'Yo! you got a problem goth boy?!' shouted jake from the back of the class.

'Yeah, i do.' said richard. 'You! and your followers. Don't think you can judge everyone just because you think your better than everyone. You're not. And you...' he pointed at Amy, 'You are difinitley not you dozy tart!'

That shut them up. for the rest of the class Jake, Amy and their friends stayed quiet. Thats the way it should be. Amy doesnt deserve to talk...she doesnt deserve to live...

Sounds harsh but its true...



2 years earlier:

Amy in her last year of school in london. A girl in her class was always the victim of her and Laura Sutcliffe's bullying. Until one day the girl retalliated.

'Hey, freak! how you doing today? slit your wrists this morning? Cry for hours last night? wanna commit suicide yet? Aww poor you, life is so hard isn't it.'

That is what Laura had said to this girl one tuesday morning in english. Amy had found it hillarious. This girl had never said anything back, never fought back when she was being beaten up by laura and all her friends. Never told anyone she was being bullied. Why?...

She had no friends, no life, no family. She was in a care home for children with no family. Or as Laura used to put it, The home for freaks coz no one loves them!

One saturday afternoon, Laura was taking a walk around the neighbourhood. She had her head down and she was texting a guy and Amy. Someone was walking up the street...Laura's victim.

But because most bullies are all the same, she didnt say or do anything to her this time.

The girl turned around and said, 'Oh, i see how it is...You dont dare do anything when you're alone...Well thanks to you, i've developed a backbone, and i'm not gonna take your shit anymore.'

'What are you talking about...' said laura, backing up a little. She suddenly realised where they were...On a park, a empty, out of the way park, where no one could see if anything happened.

The girl walked up closer to Laura, 'So go on! If you're a bully, bully me!...Oh i see, you're scared...Not a very good bully now are you.' The girl then grabbed laura by the neck and had her backed against the wall.

Laura was finding it hard to breathe, she started going dizzy...the girl noticed this and let her go. Laura fell to the floor gasping for breath. The girl then grabbed laura's hair and pulled her head up so she was looking right into her eyes. She pulled out a gun and held it to Laura's head. She screamed...

'NO PLEASE!!! STOP, DONT DO IT! KATIA...please.' laura sobbed.


Then a shot rang out...And laura was dead.




~Ginni~ <3

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