'Paradise?' is about a group of friends who get into the wrong crowd. They think they've made the best friends they could ever hope for...

Until things take a horiffying turn for the worst. The group of friends go on a weekend break and soon enough all hell breaks loose.

Avery, Marla, Benji, Karlos and Kamile are having fun in the sun...Until kamile goes missing...

The group run to their new 'Friends' for help, unaware that at that very moment someone is planning their murders...

Check out Avery's Diary (Sequel to Paradise?...Maybe Not)!!


5. The End...

Chapter 5

The End...

This is the last chapter!

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Katia stood up, shaking, crying. She walked out of the hut, letting the wooden door slam shut behind her. A police officer drew his gun and walked towards Katia, shouting for her to raise her hands above her head and lay down. She just walked straight up to him and held out her hands. 'Hurry up and arrest me, before i kill you too...I definitly deserve it.' She looked him straight in the eye.

The police officer looked shocked. He put his gun away while another police officer drew hers to make sure Katia wasn't playing games with them. There was about 10 officers surrounding her. He looked at her suspiciously while he quickly snapped the handcuffs on Katia's bruised and bleeding wrists from where her and Phoebe had fought.

The other Police officer put her gun away and jogged over to help her colleague to walk Katia to the car. They put her in the back seat and took her away. The other officers cornered off the hut and searched the woods for any other bodies. They'd taken Benji and Karlos's body away when they got there.


Marla and Kamile were in the hospital getting stitched and cleaned up. Marla only had a few deep cuts to her legs but Kamile had had her ankle broken and cuts down to the bones all over her body. Seems like Katia had been torturing her.  

In the car on the way there she'd passed out due to how much blood she'd been losing. Marla had panicked..She thought Kamile was dead.

She was still asleep when Marla had been taken care of. When the doctors had done patching Marla up, she went to sit at Kamiles bedside. 'She should be waking up soon. If you need anything, just press that Red button and a nurse will come. The police will want to talk to you both when she wakes up though.' The doctor smiled then walked away, after drawing the blue curtain around Kamiles bed.

Half an hour later, Kamile woke up, asking for Karlos. 'I'm sorry Kami...Karlos is gone. Katia did it.' Marla said softly.

Kamile was still a little groggy when the police came in. Marla managed to remember and tell them everything.  

How they'd met and the whole 'Avery saying he was in love with Katia' thing. The police wrote everything down and wished for Kamile to get better soon, then they left.

Kamile had bad news delivered when she came round properly. Her mother had died in the night. She was already severely ill, and had kept getting worse for the last few months. Kamile blamed herself for not staying home that night.

'Its not your fault Kami. Your mum was ill. Very ill. Don't blame yourself. Good news is they've arrested Katia.' said Marla.

'What about Avery?'

'They think Katia killed him and Phoebe in some hut in the woods.' said Marla.

'Thats where Katia took me...' said Kamile.

'Don't think about it. Just concentrate on getting better.' said Marla.

A few hours later Kamile's plaster was on and they could leave after a few more checks to make sure they were definitly fine now.

The police had to take their cars for DNA samples and, well, Marla wasn't a great fan of driving the car where her best friends had died and their blood was still smeared on the seats and windows.

They got a taxi back to Marla's house. Kamile sat down on the sofa while Marla made them both a coffee. They sat in silence. Niether of them felt like talking about it. Marla flicked on the TV and they just watched the news...until something popped up about what happened in the woods. Marla quickly turned it off.

It was 8 am on the saturday morning. They should still be in the woods having fun with their friends. But their friends turned out to be monsters. At least they got away before they got to them too!  

Poor benji and Karlos. Its hard to believe Phoebe wasn't in on it but Avery was! Now they're both dead too.

They fell asleep on the sofa, their coffee's untouched. When Kamile woke 6 hours later, she got a shock.

Avery was alive! He was pointing a gun at Kamile. 'I'm sorry.' He said blankly.

Two shots...and Marla and Kamile were dead.


Avery had been wearing a bullet proof vest, but had been knocked out when he fell..thats why Katia thought he was dead...

When Katia had left the hut to turn herself in, he had got up off the floor and ran out the back of the hut where there were no police officers. He'd just kept running and running until he ended up in Marla's spare bedroom, where he hid till they fell asleep.

Then he thought he'd be cheeky...He went downstairs and made himself a sandwich in her kitchen, made a drink and sat down at her kitchen table.  

When he heard someone waking up he got up and went to stand right in front of them.

And thats when he killed them. He put their bodies in the car then took them to the woods and dumped them away from where they were searching for bodies.

He made out he was a victim. He'd made Katia believe he loved her. The police had believed him too and Katia was the only one who was jailed for murder. Avery had also shown the police the photo of Katia murdering Laura on the park in London...Then they definitly believed him.

They let him go and he went back to college. No one asked him anything, no one suspected a thing. He'd gotten away with it all.


Avery Spencer, a nineteen year old college student, was walking towards college one monday morning it was the first day back after he'd murdered his brother and friends....


He smiled. A grim smile as he walked over to his friends, Carter, Liam, Josie and Eva...

'Feel like camping in the woods this weekend?' he asked...

If only they knew...


So guys...This is the end!

A sequel will be coming soon! (Avery's Diary) 



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