'Paradise?' is about a group of friends who get into the wrong crowd. They think they've made the best friends they could ever hope for...

Until things take a horiffying turn for the worst. The group of friends go on a weekend break and soon enough all hell breaks loose.

Avery, Marla, Benji, Karlos and Kamile are having fun in the sun...Until kamile goes missing...

The group run to their new 'Friends' for help, unaware that at that very moment someone is planning their murders...

Check out Avery's Diary (Sequel to Paradise?...Maybe Not)!!


3. Phoebe...The Detective

Chapter 3

Phoebe...The Detective.


It was Thursday afternoon, and all throughout wednesday and in the morning she had tried to make sense of everything, but she kept coming to the same conclusion.

Maybe if she followed them, or something, or wait for the weekend, get connor drunk and then ask him privately about it all.

Maybe she would do that. But until then, she'll keep an eye on them. At the end of the day she spotted Katia coming out of the library, she must have had a free period.

She looked a little shifty, she kept looking over her shoulder, holding her books tightly in front of her chest, walking quickly towards the driveway of the college.

There, she met connor, they got in his car and drove off. Phoebe quickly got into her car and followed at a distance. They stopped outside Richards place.

They got out the car and ran inside. Phoebe quietly opened the front door and listened outside the front room door, which richard always closed to keep the heat in.

Nothing was happening just yet... All that was happening was Richard poured everyone a drink and sat down. Then they started talking.

'So Connor, you think Phoebe knows something... What do you mean?'

'Well Tuesday, when we were all here, I left my phone in here while i went to the bog and when i got back it had moved, she went outside then text me asking me to come out...then she was about to ask me something but bailed at the last minute. And the was in my pocket with my phone, Its gone...' said connor.

'Fuck...Are you sure?' said Richard.

'Oh my god, if anyone see's that photo, i'm screwed! You need to get it back Connor, please!'

'No, if anyone see's it we're BOTH screwed! She can say she found it with my stuff then everyone will know i had something to do with it too! Ok, all we need to do is talk to Phe, she's not exactly gonna blab or anything, we just need to get rid of that photo.' said Connor.

'We'll make a fire tomorrow while we're in the woods, put the photo in there and anything else that might give us away.' said Richard.

'Right call her.' said Katia.

Phoebe ran out of the house so when they rang her they couldnt hear her. She started up her car and drove off. Her phone rang but she didnt answer.

When she got home she locked her front door. When they rang again she answered. 'Hey, sorry about earlier i was driving.' she said.

'Its ok, you need to come to richards.' said Connor.

'Umm, ok, but why?'

'Just need to talk to you.' said Connor, 'Plus you're still wearing Kat's bracelet.'

'Oh, yeah, crap. I'll be round soon ish, Just having some dinner.'

'Ok, see you later.'

'Bye.' she hung up. Her heart racing. She'd seen that bracelet before. she took out the folded up photo she'd found with Connors phone, unfolded it and looked.

It was a photo of the moment before Katia pulled the trigger. Laura's terrified face, crying, screaming. Katia's evil smile...

and the same black studded bracelet she had given Phoebe to wear that morning.

She pulled off the bracelet as fast as she could, nearly breaking it. She threw it on the floor and ran to wash her wrist. She felt disgusted...She'd been wearing the bracelet Katia wore when she'd murdered Laura Sutcliffe....


Phoebe put the bracelet in her bag then set off to richards. She walked up to the front door and walked in, she opened the living room door and said 'Hey guys. I got your bracelet Kat.'

'Sit down Phoebe.' said Richard.

'Ok.' she sat down.

'Look, we know you have the photo, just hand it over. We know you probably know everything, all we ask is that you keep it to yourself.' said connor.

'Of course...I wouldn't have said anything anyway.' She rummaged around in her bag and took out the photo and handed it to Connor. 'But i wanna know something....Were you all in on it...You know, Laura's murder. From what i can tell is connor, you gave Katia the gun and then hid it so you won't get caught and maybe richard, you just convinced her that sticking up for herself was a good idea.'

'Yeah, that's how it went. Remember, now you know, if anything gets leaked, you're screwed too.' said Katia.

'Nothing will get leaked, I wont tell anyone...I promise.' said Phoebe.

'Good. Now we're done here. Wanna drink Phe?' asked Richard.

'Umm, yeah sure.' said Phoebe. she knew she shouldn't be scared of them. They were her friends, if they wanted to kill her too, they would have done it by now. Plus, they were all in on it now.


They sat and chatted for a bit, 'So is everyone still up for tomorrow night? Chilling in the woods...Tell you something though, I hope them two spanish kids dont turn up...I dont think I like them much, they seem a little stuck up!.' said Connor.

'Yeah, we're still coming, so are the others!' said Katia.

'Good! It would be pretty pointless if they didnt come.' said Richard.

'No wait! I just realised, I do want Kamile and Karlos to come...' Smirked connor.

An evil kinda smirk....

What the hell are they up to?

She'll soon find out.


Phoebe never saw Richard as the kind of guy to keep secrets...Well she never thought Katia could be a murderer. So i guess you can never fully know someone. It came to about half 7pm when she left richards place. She called Avery. 'Hey, you guys still coming tomorrow night?'

'Yeah, just pooling our money together as we speak! will you guys be ok getting your booze or shall we go get it for you?' He said.

'Nah, i think we got it under control.' said Phoebe. 'Apart from that what are you guys up to?'

'Nothing really just chilling at Marla's, Why don't you come over, I'm sure marla wouldn't mind.'

'Umm, yeah i suppose i could.' said Phoebe.

'Ok then, cool, we'll see you soon then!' said Avery.

'Yeah, see you.'

Phoebe hung up and drove off from outside Richard's place to go to Marla's. When she got there she saw that Kamile and Karlos were there, they were standing outside on Marla's front garden.

'Hey guys.' she said as she got out of her car,

'Hey.' smiled Kamile. 'How are you?'

'I'm good, you?'

'We're fine. The nurses are looking after our mum all weekend so we're still free for friday and saturday.' said Karlos.

'Awesome, can't wait. Should be fun!' said Phoebe. 'Where's Marla?'

'In her front room.' said Kamile opening the door for Phoebe.

Phoebe went into the front room where Marla, Avery and Benji were sat on the floor counting their money. 'Right we got enough for our booze! Hey Phe.' said Benji.

'Hey, Everything ok love? You look a little...I dont know, like you've just seen a ghost.' said Marla.

'No, no, i'm fine sorry, just in my own little world. Have been all day.

'I gathered, we barely saw you at college yesterday and today. Been busy or something?' asked Avery.

'Just needed time to think about something. But it doesnt matter, its all sorted.' said Phoebe.

'Good, what was it?' asked Benji.

'It doesnt matter dude...Not now anyway.'

'Fair enough. So what you wanna do?' asked Marla as she put all their money in a jar to keep it safe for tomorrow when they buy their booze.

'Well we could order out and chill watching films for a bit. Remember we got the day off college tomorrow.' said Avery.

'True, How about you guys stay here for tonight? Then we can watch a film...I Spit On Your Grave is a good film.' said Marla.

'You love horror films dont you?' said Benji.

'Yeah, Best kinda films...What about you Phe? You like horror films?'

'Depends...I'm not much of a fan of Ghost films but gory bloody films yeah. Whats that one you want to watch about?' asked Pheobe.

'A girl goes to a cabin in the woods for the weekend or something and a group of dudes come and abuse her and rape her, then she disappears but then comes back and kicks their asses. The ending is just pure genius...I'm not gonna tell you what happens you'll have to watch it.' said Marla.

'Cool, sounds ok i guess...Minus the rape...' said Phoebe.

'Yeah i always skip that bit anyway.'

So that night they watched films and ordered take out and had a few of Marla's beers.

The next day was the day they were leaving to go to the woods. The place where they were going was a hour and a half drive away. They were leaving at 5 to get there while it was still light. It was just as well too, Marla didnt wake up till 1PM.

'Marla! Wake up we need to go to the shop! BOOZE!' shouted Benji, being the wierdo that he is.

So after about an hour they were all ready to go to the shop. They took the car so they didnt have to carry everything back and risk dropping it. They'd gotten their booze and it was about half 2 when they got ack to marla's.

They invited Richard, Katia and Connor to come round so they could leave all at the same time. Marla was taking Kamile and Karlos in her car, Benji was taking Avery and Phoebe and Richard was taking connor and Katia.

They all got their stuff together and got in the cars. After about half an hour of driving Marla, Kamile and Karlos stopped at a service place to get some crisps and coffee. 

They carried on driving and arrived at the woods at about quarter to 6PM. They parked in a car park at the side of the woods. They got out their cars and walked to find a good spot to sit. They found a place where there were two fallen trees they could sit on and unpakced their tents and cooler boxes and put their booze inside. They collected bits of wood and a few rocks, put it in a circle with the rocks around the outside and started a fire.

When no one was looking Katia threw the folded up photo towards the fire...

They sat down and ate some food. They'd brought some sandwiches and crisps and chocolate. They each had a flask of coffee while their booze chilled in the coolers.

'Its nice here isn't it....Bit quiet though.' said benji. 

'Yeah, kinda spooky i think.' said Marla. 'Right time for a ghost story Haha!' 

'Er, no, I hate ghost know i'm a wimp.' Said Kamile.

'Aww, is someone scared..' Benji teased kamile with a stick. 

'Eeww, stop it you dont know what could have peed on that!.' Squeaked Kamile.

After an hour or so the fire started to die down a little, 'Richard, shall we go find some more fire wood?' asked Katia.

'Yeah, sure Connor, you coming?' 

Connor stood up and silently walked with Katia and Richard. 'Well i got rid of the photo.' 

'Good, how?' asked richard. 

'threw it in the fire when everyone was looking for fire wood.' said Katia. 

They walked and picked up wood for the fire. Unaware that phoebe was watching them. She was following behind slowly, with how close the trees were together it was easy to hid, but not so easy to run or anything. Phoebe noticed this and when Katia and richard looked busy looking at something Connor has in his bag, she found out why they chose this spot of woods...So no one can get away...


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