8:15 Moments!!!

Emily hates the time 8:15 it's a long story but if you stay for her story you'll know the sad moment behind it. She went to a concert and guess what she started to line up at 8:15 and then the boys got there and then the concert ended at 8:15.Niall saw her crying during the concert so she left she had a niall horan hug me/irish cutie shirt on that she made herself and so niall told the boys he had to wiz so he ran off stage and out to find her. When he finally spotted her he yelled STOP!! Please Wait!!.........


2. Leaving Early


Emily's POV

I decided to leave early through the secret door that niall brought me into, because i didn't want to cause him,the boys or anyone any more trouble I quietly opened the door and escaped i decided to leave the pass by nialls stuff with my name on it saying just one word on a napkin. BYE!!

Niall's POV

I don't understand she was over there i cant find here anywhere in the crowd. The concert is not over and i havnt seen here anywhere. I'm getting a little scared that i wont see her and her beuatiful lucious hair or gorgeous hazel eyes again. Me and the boys were told to go change and get ready because we had to leave. I went over to my clothes and saw something by them i went to pick it up and saw it was a napkin so i went o throw it away. As i walked away i saw somethng scribbled on it so i picked it up out of the trash can and looked at it. In pretty black handwriting it  read BYE!! on it. Then next to that was the pass i handed her before i left her. So i got changed and was abiut to walk out when i saw somehting flash i got down on my knees and bent over to look under the cabinet thingy. There i saw a cellphone it was a white iphone 5s with gold trim around it with a peachy pink cellphone case with a little bit of glitter that had a date on it. The date read 12-26-12 then under that it had 8:15 on it will a black tear drop beside it. I picked the phone up and looked at the screen and turned the phone on secretly hoping insie that it was the girls phone. I was stunned with what i saw it was the girl smiling with her hair slighlty wavy (because of braids) with the name Emily across it. Luckily she didnt have her phone locked so that i could get in it. First i searched through her contacts to see if i could find a home number and finally i did.

Emily's POV

I kept searching through my pockets.purse and jacket trying to find my phone so that i could get home. Nope no luck, at least i have a little bit of money left so that i could call home to see if i could get a ride to my apartment. No luck on calling, looks like im getting to ride in a cab home. LUCKY ME!!! i said to myslef sarcastically.

Niall's POV

When i found the contact name that said MOMS HOME!! on it, i tapped it and let it ring. Finally someone answered, they sounded worried sick they were screaming and yelling i could barely understand them. I finally said "excuse me?". The perosn on the other end shut up and said "who is this?" i replied "Niall Horan" I concluded that they were shoked because i heard a bunch of over dramatic gasp. I said "i found this phone after our concert and i want to know the owner of it, could you please help me out?"


Author's Note

Sorry i know its short but youll know why if you read my mumble please go read it to find out. But this way i will be able to write more you will understand if you read my latest one.

Thank you all my lovely's i love you all and please dont forget to share me with your friends and family. Also dont forget to follow me on my social sites you can also message me anytime you want all my info is in my bio thatnks my lvoely ill try and update again soon. TTYL MY LOVELY'S 


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