Mixed Direction

What do you get when you put together Little Mix, and One Direction? Mixed Direction. This is a Zayn Malik lovestory about Zayn and Perrie. I am a total Zerrie shipper!


1. 1

Zayn's P.O.V.



We all sat down at the table and looked at Simon sitting before us. He looked at us with a smile.

"Okay, boys. I have to let you know, that there is a really big surprise heading for Directioners, and another fandom,"

"Why?" I asked.

"Because you guys are going to collaborate with a girl band, then go on tour,"

"What girl band?" Harry asked, now becoming interested.

"Little Mix," I gasped at Simon's words.

"We're going on tour with my girlfriend's band?" 

"Yes," he said looking at me. "But be careful,"


"We don't need any little Malik's running around," Simon said. The boys started snickering behind me. I snapped my head towards them and they stopped. 

"Simon, I'm not going to do anything stupid,"

"That's what they all say," he sighed getting up. He left the room and the boys and I started talking. 

"You're lucky, man," Louis told me.


"Because we aren't allowed to take girlfriends on tour, but since you're dating Perrie you can,"

"I know,"

"But I think Simon is serious about you," Harry told me.


"You know. He just wants you to use protection and stuff," he said, causing the others to laugh.

"Oh my god," I mumbled to myself. 

"Well, we better get going," Niall reminded us. "We have a show in about an hour," 

I am so lucky.

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