Ariana and Niall knew each other sence they were three.
When Ariana had to leave to Florida when she was 10.
One day when she graduated high school she decided to have dance class. She notices that every time she danced she saw Nialls image. And she never wants stop dancing. She wished life was a song. So she can put her life on replay...
But what happened when one direction performs in Florida?


2. Chapter Two

Niall P.O.V I miss Ariana to death but management made me change my phone number and my skype. ''Hey Niall whats wrong?''Harry asked. ''I miss her Harry.''i said. ''Who?''he said ''Ariana.''i said. ''Ariana Grande?''harry asked ''No. Ariana Ross.''i said ''Is that the girl you been talking about?''he said as he nodded. ''Get instagram and stalk her.''he said.''I know her instagram but its private.''i said.''Follow her maybe she knows its you and follows you back.''Harry said.''I'll try later thanks Harry.''i said. ''Good Luck Bro.''Harry said.'Maybe she has a boyfriend.' or 'Maybe she is married!' Is all i thought about. I hate how she messed me up. But i still love her. I wanted her BADLY!! I then followed her on instagram.And waited for her follow. But i wasnt gunna stalk her as Harry said. Its just weird.
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