Ariana and Niall knew each other sence they were three.
When Ariana had to leave to Florida when she was 10.
One day when she graduated high school she decided to have dance class. She notices that every time she danced she saw Nialls image. And she never wants stop dancing. She wished life was a song. So she can put her life on replay...
But what happened when one direction performs in Florida?


3. Chapter Three

Ariana P.O.V As we finished our warm up we began dancing. Then I started seeing Nialls image. He was also dancing. I thought 'Maybe I just miss him, bye next class i wont see his image.' When class was over i met a friend. ''Hi im Danielle but call me Dani.''she said.''Oh,hi Dani im Ariana but call Ari.''i said. ''You know i saw you dance your really good.''she said. ''Thanks,you too.''i said. ''You dont seem happy.Whats wrong.''she asked ''I miss Niall he was my first friend.''i said. ''Let me guess he was also your boyfriend.''she said.''I wish.'' I said.''You had a crush on him right?''she asked.''A huge crush on him''I said. ''My boyfriend broke up with another girl named Sophia.''she said then she gasped.''I wasnt sopposed to say that.''she said. ''Its okay.''i said. ''Want to go to my apartment?''i said. ''Sure.''she said. ~•~•~At The Apartment•~•~•~ ''My ex-boyfriend has changed sence we broke up.''she said. ''How?''i asked ''When I was datting him you look at him and you know he loves disney and super heros ect.''Dani said ''And when he is datting Sophia you look at him and he looks like a bad boy.''she said.
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