Ariana and Niall knew each other sence they were three.
When Ariana had to leave to Florida when she was 10.
One day when she graduated high school she decided to have dance class. She notices that every time she danced she saw Nialls image. And she never wants stop dancing. She wished life was a song. So she can put her life on replay...
But what happened when one direction performs in Florida?


1. Chapter One

~Chapter One~ I have known Niall sence we were 3.Years past and when i turned 10 my family had to move to Florida. Me and Niall were very close so it was very hard to say good bye. ~•~•~•~•~•~•~• ~Ariana P.O.V~ (If your like'Like Ariana Grande!' YES) ''Why do have to go?''Niall asked. ''My mom and dad got jobs in Florida wich pays really well.''i said frowning. ''Im going to miss you.''he said bear hugging me. ''So am i Ni-Ni''i said rubbing his back. ''I cant believe your moving and on my birthday!''Niall said. ''Ari promise me that your going to text and call me!''he also said.''I PROMISE!''i said letting go of the hug. ''C'mon Ariana we have to go said my younger sister Briana. ''Im going Bri!''i yelled. ''Bye Niall.''i said as i gave him a kiss in the cheek.He blushed. He looked adorable. ''Wait..''he said.I turned around. ''Here my mom made a scrap book of us she made two one for me and one for you.''he said as he gave me one.''Thank you Niall.''i said. ''Bye Ari,I love you.''he said whispering the i love you. ''what?''i asked. ''Nothing..''he said starting to blush. ''Bye Niall!!''i said. ''Bye Ariana!!'' ~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~ ~6 years later~ ~Ariana P.O.V~ I put the T.V on and put THE X FACTOR U.K I didnt really care so i was texting my Bff Ally. I have two but she went to Italy to visit her cousin who is ill.Then something got my attention... ''Next performing Niall Horan.'' ''WHAT!?!'' I then look at the T.V And I thought 'Niall has changed alot!' I thought he was a brunett wait what?!? HE BLEACHED HIS HAIR!?! Well I dyed the tips of my hair soo we are even. When Niall finished singing my jaw dropped. NIALL COULD SING!?! DANG.... I decided to call him if he got a new phone Im killing my self,not really. *RING RING* ''Hello?''i heard an irish accent speak. ''NIALL!!''I yelled. ''Who are you,you not a stalker are you?''he said. Well that hurt. ''No its me Ariana.''i said. ''It cant be she has an irish accent.''he said.Yeah i lost my accent.. How I dont know. ''I lost my accent.Dont ask cause i dont know.''i said ''If your really Ariana who's cake did i sit on when i was five?''he asked. ''Your uncles.''i said laughing. ''ARIANA!!!''He yelled. ''Niall you never told me you can sing.''i said ''You saw THE X FACTOR.''he giggled. ''Yes,you were amazing and YOU BLEACHED YOUR HAIR!!''I said. ''Yeah..''he said ''ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL ME YOUR FREAKING HOTT WITH WITH BLONDE HAIR!!''i yelled. Wait.. what did i just say?? ''You think im hott...''he said. ''No..''i said shy.. ''Yes you did.''he said ''Whatever.Its okay cause i dyed the bottom of my hair green.''i said. ''And i got glasses..''i said. ''You got glasses,and you dyed the tips of your hair green!''he said. ''Yeah..''i said. I accually was inlove with Niall sence the beginning. ''You still have black hair right and you still have brown eyes right.''he asked ''Yes Niall.''i said laughing. ''Okay well i have to go love mua!''he said. I started blushing. (Mua means he kiss her threw the phone) *call ended* I love Niall no mater what. *PRESENT* I just graduated high school. I decided to have dance class for the summer sence i got bored. I went to the bathroom to shower. I got naked and went to the shower. I felt the hot water on my back. I put my strawberry scented shampoo and conditioner on. As i saw the pinkish shampoo go away i then put my body wash. When i finished showering I put my towel on i decided to wear galaxy leggings,green converse,and a 5sos shirt.As i was finished dressing up i blow dried my hair.I wore a grey beanie.And i put my black raybans on. i was ready for dance class.
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