Fake smiles

Fake smiles can hide so much. Simply hiding your pain from everyone else with a quick lift of the corners of your mouth. The worst part isn't not showing what you feel to other people. It's that no one notices when you do. No one does. Never. They assume because you aren't crying all the time, or quiet, or wear long sleeves and wear black everyday everything is perfect. But it's not. Nothing about you is. It's just the opposite.


3. The guests

Fake smiles:

The guests


Lauren's POV:

The following Friday, after a week of bullying, and getting ignored by my parents, I sit at the dinner table with my sister, mom, dad, and brother. "We have big news!" My mom chirps.

"Since that new family moved to this city, we decided to help them because they don't have much money." She smiles happily. "They will be living here since we have plenty of room." I just nod my head. We've done this a few times before. I just stay away from them.

"They are coming tomorrow at noon." My dad adds.

"Awesome!" Skylar chirps. Greg, my brother groans. He's like me, quiet and hates this family. My parents just ignore is both, and act like perfect little Skylar is an only child.

After dinner, and chores I walk upstairs. I do my crap, put on some pajamas and hop in bed.


"I believe it's time for me to be famous and out of place!" my alarm clock bellows in the morning at eight o'clock. Urgh.. the guest are coming today in four hours. (pic in comments ^.^)

I do my morning routine, put on makeup,and throw my plain medium brown hair in a messy bun. Sporting plain black yoga short shorts, a light pink sports bra with 'LOVE' in black letters, and a light blue zip up jacket with 'Head phones in. World out.' in black letters on the back, I walk downstairs.

I walk downstairs and into the exercise room. Yes we have one. I forgot to mention it, but my parents are huge in a law firm, both huge lawyers for celebrities. So yeah, we live in a huge house.

I slip on socks, and plain black running shoes. I go on the treadmill, as I listen to music. I do the exercise routine I do every morning.

I go fast with every thing I do with blasting Ron Pope.

"LAUREN THE GUEST ARE HERE!" Greg yells from the living room. I check the clock and see it's 12:06. Time flies..

I walk into the living room still sweating, to see a family. A young looking woman, a little girl about three, and a boy around my age.

Of course it has to be him...



Sorry, it's been forever since I've updated and that it's so short. Next chappie coming soon! Oh and does anyone read this story? XD TTYL LOVELIES!



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