Fake smiles

Fake smiles can hide so much. Simply hiding your pain from everyone else with a quick lift of the corners of your mouth. The worst part isn't not showing what you feel to other people. It's that no one notices when you do. No one does. Never. They assume because you aren't crying all the time, or quiet, or wear long sleeves and wear black everyday everything is perfect. But it's not. Nothing about you is. It's just the opposite.


4. Mr. Brown n Fluffy

Fake smiles:

Mr. Brown n Fluffy


Lauren's POV:

I just stand there staring at him until my mom clears her throat. "I'm Ms. Marin call me Stacey. This is my husband James, this is our brilliant daughter Skylar she's fifth teen, our son Greg and then Lauren. Welcome."

"Hello, I'm Emma Walton. My three year old Sydney, and Jake who is sixteen." The lady smiles warmly.

"Lauren show them their rooms." My dad tells me. I mumble an agreement and pick up the three bags; they each had one. I stumble upstairs with the bags and put one in each of the guest rooms. My parents, and Skylar brag about the house.

Here we go..

I go to my room, and take a shower as I'm still covered in sweat. I hum Wake Me Up by Ed Sheeran. Huge Sheerio here!

When I get out I do what I always do, put on foundation, eyeliner around my whole eyes, mascara, and lippie. I slip on a tight dark red lacy long sleeved crop top, low rise dark jeans, and black platform heels. (pic in comments)

Hmm what do now..

I walk out of my room, as I stand in the hall I hear squealing in one of the quest rooms. Follow the sounds into the room with Sydney spinning around with with my old Teddy Bear, Mr. Brown n fluff, that I leave in the kid's guest room.

"Having fun?" I ask standing at the door thread.  She squeals and runs over to hug my legs.

"I wove it! I neva had one!" She cries in her adorable babyish voice. Aww

"Well then you can have this one!" I smile. Her mouth opens wide.

"Welly?" (Really)

"Of course." I laugh at her scream of joy.

"What is going on in here?" Skylar stomps into the room. She glares at me then turns her attention to Sydney. "Aww hello Syd don't you wanna play with me instead of the big ugly witch?"

"No I wanna play with La!" Sydney exclaims. Awww! Skylar growls and stomps away. Shit now she's gonna do something terrible to me...


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