Fake smiles

Fake smiles can hide so much. Simply hiding your pain from everyone else with a quick lift of the corners of your mouth. The worst part isn't not showing what you feel to other people. It's that no one notices when you do. No one does. Never. They assume because you aren't crying all the time, or quiet, or wear long sleeves and wear black everyday everything is perfect. But it's not. Nothing about you is. It's just the opposite.


2. I can tell..

Dear diary,

So yesterday was just like every other day. Well besides the new kid. He helped me when someone tripped me, and even defended me online. What does that mean? Well it doesn't matter anyways. Gemma is probably making him be nice to me, so they can do something to hurt me. What did I do to them? I'm just a normal sixteen year old girl. The only thing that makes me different is that I've never kissed a guy.


They bully me because they don't know me. They don't know what I've gone through. My thoughts. My feelings.

I just want to scream out for them to shut up, and leave me alone. I'm sick of it. No one cares. Not even my family. Does anyone else know how it feels to get bullied every single say, then come home for your parents to basically despise you? I wish I knew....





I close my diary. My alarm starts blaring. Damn it. I forgot to turn it off. Urgh another school day..

I do my morning routine, then put on a pair of black high waisted jeans, a cropped light pink long sleeve sweater, and nude flats. I paint my nails an aqua blue, out on foundation, liquid eyeliner on the top and bottom, mascara, then top it off with lip gloss.


So ugly.


I'm sitting under a huge oak tree in the school's canteen outside when I see Gemma and her 'friends' coming over to me.

"Hey fat bitch, that's our spot move the fuck out of our way." She smirks. I ignore her and continuing listening to music. Ed Sheeran's lovely voice gets ripped out my ear. "Listen to me you slut!" Gemma squeals.

"How about no!" I snap. Not such a smart move. Gemma's friends start yelling insults at me while I'm still sitting and they're standing.

"STOP IT!" A voice bellows from behind them. The girls scurry away from me.

"Are you okay?" The voice ask coming towards me.

"Yeah." I flash my fake smile like always. I look up to see Jake- the new guy.

"No you're not." Jake stats. What? How can he tell?

"Yes I am." I make my fake smile even bigger.

"No you're not. I can tell.." Jake says looking at me.

"How?" I ask in a feeble voice.

"I go through the same thing." He stats.

"I'm fine." I get up and walk away.



Hey guys sorry it's so short! I'll update soon xx

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