The Innocent One

She was always so innocent and protected. Never seen a male in her life. Not until the accident her driver made. The curly haired boy was edged into her mind. The most beautiful thing she's seen. Will she be able to see him again?


1. Small Mistake

Clara's P.O.V. I wake up, just like every morning. All the girls are up. I'm Clara: I'm seventeen; almost eighteen, I have waist-lenght blonde hair, crystal blue eyes, freckles on my nose, and I'm about 5'1". You see, I live in a girls home. There's not many girls here. Just like, seven or eight. The girls whisper about everything. Most of it I don't understand. My foster mom was friends with my mom, until she passed away in a house fire. She promised to protect me and keep me innocent. The girls text a guy they met online. However, I've never seen a male in my life. A little bit before my foster mom started her home, she was cheated on by her fiance with her best friend. So, when she got me she wanted to make sure I wasn't hurt. I go to an all girl school. With an all women staff. Their not allowed to really talk about males. And if they do, I'm sent out. My foster mom works hard to keep me innocent. In order of that: I don't have a phone, I've never listened to music, and I'm not allowed to have friends. She just wants me to have a perfect life. As soon as I was ready the girls left with their rides. My foster mom and I took the completly blackened windowed car to school. You couldn't see in and you couldn't see out. A little while after driving, mom wanted to roll down her window. Shr called out to the driver to roll her window down. On accident, he rolled my window down. I glanced down the sidewalk. When I did, I saw the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. A boy: around my age, curly brown hair; tryed to be tamed in a upstyle quiff, piercing green eyes, and the brightest happiest smile I've ever seen. Looking at him made it seem like time stopped. He glanced over and stopped walking. I saw him hurry and call for a cab. My view was cut short when a black wall was in front of my face. My mom frantically trying to see if I was okay and if I had seen anything. I shook my head. But, the picture of the boy still edged in my brain. I now know what beauty is. I've seen it with my own two eyes.
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