Katherine Brooks is a normal girl, but when she meets Justin Bieber, everything around her starts to change.

She knows he's a criminal but she still slowly starts to fall for him.

Would she take that risk or let it all slip away?

Justin Bieber doesn't believe in love and says that he never will.

Will Katherine be the girl to make him change his mind?

His best friend, Jason wants revenge and Katherine is part of his plan.. What will happen next?


3. "You'll fall for me soon baby, that's a promise"

Katherine’s POV.  



Ethan, Gabriella and I were all patiently waiting in the waiting room of the hospital that we had just brought Justin to. 

The last couple of hours have been a total mess.

When Justin got knocked out, the guys who kidnapped me, one of them named Joseph as Ethan told me, started to plan on what he was going to do with us but little did he know that Ethan had been outside.

A couple of minutes passed by as Ethan finally knocked the door over and fought them all one by one.

He took Justin as Gabriella ran by my side making our way to the car, we rushed to the hospital.

Nothing serious had happen to Justin, he had just been knocked out and needed time before he woke up.


“Excuse me, are you guys waiting for Justin Bieber?” the nurse looked at us as she spoke. 

“Yes, how is he?” Ethan said. He seemed to be worried about Justin and I didn’t know why.

I thought he hated him and was only friends with him for work.

After all, he had texted me telling me to stay away from Justin. 

“He’s fine. He just woke up now, he’s asking for a girl named Katherine?” She looked at me and Gabriella. 

“That’s me” I gave her a little smile as she reassuringly smiled back. 

“Come this way please” She started walking towards the door as I stood up to walk behind her, Ethan spoke “Gab, be careful” I nodded and made my way towards Justin’s room.

 “Oh thank god, I thought something had happened to you” he kept his face serious not smiling or frowning. 

“I’m fine. Why do you care anyways?” I looked at him as he kept his gaze on mine never breaking eye contact he licked his lips and spoke “I don’t” he opened his mouth as if he was going to speak again but closed it afterwards. 

“No, go ahead. Say what you were going to say” I smirked as he shook his head 

“It’s nothing, really” he gave me a reassuring smile. 
I didn’t fall for it one single bit. He was going to say something and I was going to get it out of him eventually. 

“Um, okay then I guess I’ll get going now…” I made my way towards the door as I heard him speak. 

“Bye beautiful. I’ll miss you.” Justin said, I was positive that he was smirking right this second.

I was thankful that my back was facing him because if it wouldn’t have been, he would have seen the effect that he had on me.

My face was bright red from blushing and I couldn’t help it.

I opened the door and walked out without saying anything in return.      


The next morning as I was getting ready to go to the mall with Gabriella there was a sudden knock on my door.

That was weird. Gaby had told me that we were going to meet up at the mall, she didn’t tell me that she was going to come here instead. 

My dad was at work and I was home alone which made me feel a bit worried, I peeked through the window to see who was knocking. It was Justin.

What was he doing here? And how on earth did he know where I lived? I had never told him.

All I told him was that I lived pretty far from where Gabriella lives. 

I fixed my hair, feeling a bit worried at his presence. 

I opened the door as we both locked eyes and he let out a little smile. 

“Hi” Justin let out after a while of starring at each other.

I didn’t say anything back, I just stood there shocked at the fact that he was standing in front of me. 

“Are you speechless baby? Its fine I missed you too” He winked making me blush as he smirked. 

He knew the effect that he had on me and I hated that.

I don’t want to seem easy. I want to play hard to get and with the reputation that Justin had that’s exactly what I had to do. 

“Wow, couldn’t stay away from me any longer huh?” I smirked. Two can play this game. 

If he wanted to go on with his flirty comments then might as well join him. 

“Hmm, now I'm the one that's speechless” he frowned which made him look really attractive. 

“Good. That’s what I was hoping for” I playfully smiled and spoke again “How did you find out where I live anyways?” 

“I have my ways” He licked his lips moving closer to me.

I could feel my heart beating faster than usual.

“Um… why are you here?” I said taking a step back but he didn’t mind, he stood closer as he made his way inside my house.

I closed the door as he sat on the couch as if this wasn’t the first time that he had come here. 

“I came to visit you. I thought you would be happy babe” he looked up to where I was standing, waiting for an answer.  

I opened my mouth as I started to speak “Wow… okay… well first off, don’t call me babe, baby, or anything else similar to those words. Second, what is your problem anyways? You’re always acting all tough when in reality you really aren’t” He started walking towards me, I could tell that he was getting angry at the comment that I had just made but I honestly didn’t care. I continued “I shouldn’t be seen with you. You shouldn’t be here and I don’t want you here. You think that with all of your flirty comments, I’m going to be all over you? Well if you thought that then you’re wrong. I don’t like guys like you. They disgust me actually. Sleeping with every girl they find and then throwing them out like if there trash which in reality they aren’t, you are” I looked over to where Justin was standing. 

He looked pissed. He was standing so close to me that I could feel his breath on mine.

He moved closer as I backed away when finally there was nowhere else to go and I was trapped against the wall as he closely stood in front of me. 

“WHAT THE FUCK? YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING ME KATHERINE. All I ever do is be nice to you and in return you decide to treat me like shit? It’s fine though, it’s not like you’re the only girl who treats me like this. Don’t open that fucking mouth of yours until you know the real facts, Hun. Maybe I sleep with every fucking girl because you’re all pieces of shit that think only boys could break hearts. Bullshit. When a girl breaks a guy’s heart it’s fine but when a guy breaks a girls then it all gets fucking serious and were the worst things on the planet? Let me tell you something Katherine, Those girls that sleep with me are as fucking trashy as I am because they slept with me. I didn’t force them to. They knew what they were getting themselves into and guess what? They didn’t give a shit” His veins were popping out. 

This was the first time that I’ve actually seen him mad. I really screwed up but it wasn’t my fault that I was only speaking what was on my mind. 

I couldn’t let him play me and he had to know what I thought of him.

I couldn’t let him look at me as if I was one of those girls that he slept with because I sure as hell wasn’t going to do that or play his games.

He clearly showed me that he doesn’t want a relationship which shows that we cannot be together because if he can’t be in a relationship then I don't want him.

I could never want someone that only wants me for his own pleasure and then when he’s tired he’ll just throw me away and not even give a shit. 

Breaking away my thoughts he spoke “fuck you Katherine!” as he crumbled his fists into a ball and punched the wall that was next to me. 

I wasn’t scared. I was actually shocked. Boy did he have anger issues and I wasn’t going to deal with this any longer. 

As I tried to make him move out of the way he grabbed me around the waist.

I tried to make him let me go which only made him pull me closer. 

“Fuck. I can’t let you be my weakness” He pulled me closer as if that was even possible since we were already standing so close that I could literally feel his skin on mine. 

He moved his head closer to mine, breaking away the gap that our lips had, he leaned in pressing his soft lips on mine. I did not expect this.



Justin’s POV.


I pressed my lips on hers as I started to softly kiss her. 

She resisted at first but finally gave in. I bit her lower lip kissing her again sliding my tongue in her mouth, as my hands slid down grabbing her ass, I gave it a squeeze.

She jumped which only made our kiss grow deeper and rougher.

Our tongues fought for dominance but of course, mine won.  

She moaned into the kiss as I smirked which made her realize what had been going on. 
She pulled away as she spoke softly, almost making it sound as if she was whispering “You should get going” 

I locked my eyes with hers and nodded as I made my way towards the door she followed behind me to lock the door as I quickly turned around and left a small wet kiss on her neck making her squirm and blush. 

She tried to hide the fact that she was blushing which only made it even more obvious. 

“You’ll fall for me soon baby, that’s a promise.” I smirked as she stood there emotionless. 

It was obvious that she wasn’t going to say anything back so I made my way towards my car as I drove off. 

Wow. She sure did have an effect on me.

One second I was all lovey dovey while the next I wanted nothing but to get away from her and never see her face again. 

I don’t know what she’s doing to me, but she’s doing something.

Something I can’t explain. I don’t know whether I liked that feeling or If I just wanted hide it and go to fuck any other girl to make me forget about her.

Every time I tried to forget about her she just kept coming on my mind. I have to do something about this. Anything.

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