Katherine Brooks is a normal girl, but when she meets Justin Bieber, everything around her starts to change.

She knows he's a criminal but she still slowly starts to fall for him.

Would she take that risk or let it all slip away?

Justin Bieber doesn't believe in love and says that he never will.

Will Katherine be the girl to make him change his mind?

His best friend, Jason wants revenge and Katherine is part of his plan.. What will happen next?


5. "Why are you so intimidated by me?"

Justin's POV.

After everything that I had found out in the past few hour I just wanted to get away from everything.

Although I had enjoyed the kiss that Katherine and I had shared I knew that whatever was going on between us couldn't happen.

Not just because of my coldness towards love, but also because of Jason.

Jason is my best friend and I cannot betray him like that.

Although he's cold, dangerous, and sick, I was all of those things also and more.  
Katherine's dad was home which meant that I couldn't stay any longer, but suddenly I came up with an idea. 

"Why don't you come with me for a while?" I smirked as she glanced at me confused.  
"What do you mean?" She questioned.

"I mean, let's go out for a bit" I let out a smile hoping that I would convince her. 
"On a date you mean?" She smirked.

She knew how to get me turned on but I wasn't going to let her do this to me. Not today. 

"No. Just to hangout. Lets go" I let out.

She shrugged and nodded as we made our way out of her house and into my car. 

I know that I should of left her home and gone out to get drunk but I just couldn't leave her there alone.

I couldn't stop thinking about Jason or his plans. 

"Can you do me a favor?" I asked.

"Depends" she played with her hair as I looked back at her, "This isn't a joke, Katherine." I spat.

"Okay, calm down" she rolled her eyes, turned her head and looked out the window. 

"Don't trust anyone, okay? I know this may sound weird but I don't want you to fucking talk to anyone, trust anyone with any information that may hurt you or your family, and most importantly, keep an eye on your friends and make sure that they aren't up to anything."

I tried to tell her as less information as possible.

She probably thought this whole conversation was weird but I had to do my best to keep her safe without her finding out about anything. 

"So why should I trust you then?" She smirked.

"Didn't I say this Isn't a fucking game?" I snapped for the second time. 

"Why are you so angry all of the sudden?" She looked at me with a confused look on her face.

"Because you don't fucking listen" I had to control my anger but she made me crazy. 


Every time I tried to tell her something, she would question it.

She should just keep her mouth shut and nod to my demands.  

"Fine, I'll listen" she said, as she whispered from under her breath, "You look hot when you're mad" her eyes swung open when she noticed that I had heard what she had just said.  

"Hm, do I now? Should I get mad every fucking second then?" I smirked as I starred at the road ahead of me.  

"You shouldn't" she looked out the window again. 

"Why are you so intimidated by me?" I questioned as I parked my car in a restaurants parking area.

I wasn't sure what restaurant it was but I just wanted to park already, either because I wanted to get away from Katherine or because I just wanted to grab her and make out with her. 

"I'm not intimidated by you" she raised her eyebrows as she locked her eyes with mine. 
I leaned in closer to her and in my surprise she didn't move away.

She stood still as I kept coming closer towards her.

I got close to her ear as I whispered "Prove it" while leaving a wet kiss on her jaw. 
She gasped and shivered which made me even more desperate to know what she was going to do next. 

"Drive me to your house and I'll show you" She said as her cheeks turned bright red.

"Okay, babe" I winked as I left another wet kiss on her Jaw as I moved my lips towards her neck leaving a small peck.

I wanted to tease her and make her want more.

She looked at me with a desperate look on her eyes.

I moved away, started the car and drove off making my way to my house. 


Katherine's POV.


Justin was right, I am intimidated by him but I couldn't show him that.

I had to show him that I wasn't scared of him.

I don't know why I told him to take me to his house but that was the first thing that came to my mind so I just said it.

I want to take it back but it's too late now since we're on our way to his house.

I've never seen where he lives so this might be interesting.

He seemed shocked about my choice of words but still took my demand and drove.  
We arrived at a gorgeous house.

It looked really fancy, but not too shabby.

I could see from the distance that there was someone standing in front of his front door. 

Justin smiled at me while getting out of the car and walking towards my side to open my door. 

I don't think he knows that there's someone standing in front of his front door, but he'll soon know when we start walking towards there.

He grabbed my hand and gave it a little squeeze as I squeezed it back.

As we started to walk towards the door his hand left mine.

Something was wrong but I couldn't tell what it was.

As we got closer I saw who was standing in front of the door.

It was Jason. I had no idea what he was doing here.

I never knew that him and Justin were friends.

Justin seemed worried but he stood up straight and kept walking looking as confident and handsome as ever.

When we arrived at the door, Jason licked his lips as he spoke "Well this is interesting."

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