Katherine Brooks is a normal girl, but when she meets Justin Bieber, everything around her starts to change.

She knows he's a criminal but she still slowly starts to fall for him.

Would she take that risk or let it all slip away?

Justin Bieber doesn't believe in love and says that he never will.

Will Katherine be the girl to make him change his mind?

His best friend, Jason wants revenge and Katherine is part of his plan.. What will happen next?


6. "—what do you feel for me right now?"

Justin's POV. 




What the hell was Jason doing here?

It's not like he was going to beat my ass for hanging out with Katherine but he disliked her and her family, I was his best friend and I never even told him that I knew her. 

"What's interesting?" Katherine gave Jason a confused look as she continued, "And how do you two know each other?" She questioned.

"Long story short, we're friends. Best friends actually" Jason smirked as he gave me a death glare.

I wasn't scared of him nor was I intimidated by him, I glared back as I opened my mouth to speak he spoke first, "Well, I left my phone here, I'll just get it and get going" he smiled.

He was trying to play an innocent act but I knew very well that he was cursing me out in his mind.

Katherine smiled as I unlocked the door and we all walked inside.

Jason grabbed his phone and made his way out of my house. 

"That was interesting... Good to know that you guys know each other" Katherine said.

"Yeah, whatever I guess" I spoke not really caring about what she said. 

"You seemed interested back in the car, what happened?" Katherine tried to make that as innocent as ever, which didn't work since it sounded like she wanted me as much as I wanted her. 

"Nothing, babe I'm just a little tired" I smirked as I made my way towards her.

"I'm tired also" Katherine stood still as I kept moving closer towards her.

She was intimidated by me, but she tried to not show it.

I liked that about her.

I looked at her dark brown eyes and moved my face towards her ear as I gently whispered, "Why don't we take a nap baby?"

I felt her body shiver as I moved my hands toward her waist and closed the space between us by moving her closer to me. 

She stood still and silent as I spoke again, "I'll take you home later" I moved my face to face her. 

She starred at my eyes, damn she is  gorgeous. 

I wish I knew what she was thinking.

I wanted to know if she felt the same way towards me that I felt towards her. 

I know that I say that love doesn't exist but these past few days, with Katherine not answering my texts, it made me think if I would ever love anyone.

I think love is for idiots, and love doesn't really exist.

People will always leave no matter what.

They either die, cheat or just leave for no reason.

No one ever stays and if they do then there's always a catch to it.

I don't want to live a miserable life like that so therefore, I will never fall in love with anyone.

If I ever do start falling in love with someone, I will shrug it off and move on because love isn't for me.

I know that Katherine and I have something going on, I don't really know what it is but it sure as hell isn't love.

She doesn't deserve someone like me.

She's way better than me, she deserves someone that will love her back, protect her, and most importantly, someone that  will never hurt her.

I can't be that guy for her because I'm not that type of guy nor will I ever be.

Breaking me away from my thoughts, Katherine placed her hand on my cheek. "What are you thinking about?" She asked.

In situations like this, I would just say nothing and pretend that I wasn't thinking about anything important but this time I wanted to tell her what I was thinking about.

I don't know why, but I just do. 

"Us. Nothing can happen between us, we're different people. You're innocent and I'm a criminal. I don't believe in love, and I will never fall in love, so before you start to fall for me, I just wanted to let you know" I looked at her, she had an astonished looked on her face.

She held my face a little tighter as she opened her mouth to speak, "I know we're different people, Justin" she continued,  "And who said I was going to fall for you?" She smirked.

I'm glad she made this conversation amusing.

I thought she would walk out on me, but she didn't. 

"Trust me, you will. I'm irresistible" I winked.

She giggled and replied, "We'll see about that. But if I do fall for you, you'll fall for me too, and even you know that. Don't deny it." 

Those words got me thinking about something.

I felt something for her but I don't know what I feel just yet.

If I was starting to fall for her then I just had to pretend that I wasn't.

Maybe I've already fallen for her, but I couldn't.

I just couldn't fall for her.

With everything that Jason wants to do to her and her family, I just can't fall for her.

I was there the night that Jason killed her mother, and I didn't do anything about it.

I didn't flinch when he killed her and I didn't even try to help her mom.

I feel horrible about that now that I know her, but back then she meant nothing to me.

Her family reported Jason to the cops when they found out that he was involved in a gang, so when Jason found out that it was them who reported him, he wanted revenge.

And what a better way to get them back than to kill someone that meant a lot to them?

I didn't help him but I did watch.

If something did happen between us, she would find out and it would all be ruined anyways so why would I even try?

It's not my fault that Jason killed her mother, but I could of at least tried to stop him, which I didn't.

That will always haunt me but that's the past and I can't do anything about that anymore.

"Fine, I won't deny anything but I will deny on falling in love. I won't ever fall in love, Katherine" We starred at each other for the longest time.

It was as if she was trying to mentally tell me that I was wrong and that I was going to fall for her, hard. Maybe even fall in love.

No. I can't and I wont. 

"We'll see about that. I can't wait for you to admit that you've fallen in love with me, because it will happen. What do you feel for me right now?" She moved closer towards me.

She was hitting my weak spot.

I have never felt anything for any girl, and I will never feel anything. 

"Lust" I replied and before she could say anything else, I grabbed her face and connected her soft lips with mine. 

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