Katherine Brooks is a normal girl, but when she meets Justin Bieber, everything around her starts to change.

She knows he's a criminal but she still slowly starts to fall for him.

Would she take that risk or let it all slip away?

Justin Bieber doesn't believe in love and says that he never will.

Will Katherine be the girl to make him change his mind?

His best friend, Jason wants revenge and Katherine is part of his plan.. What will happen next?


2. "We meet again, maybe that's a sign?"

Justin's POV. 
Walking towards the front door of Ethan's house I spotted a black shiny car pull over. 
Taking a quick glimpse I saw Katherine coming out while she harshly closed the door. "We meet again, maybe that's a sign?" I smirked, I couldn't help it but there was something that attracted me towards her. 
Not in a romantic love way though, more like a lust attraction. I've never loved any girl and I'm never going to love one either. 
"Sign for what?" She playfully played with her hair, which annoyed me. She obviously knew what I meant. 

"Sign that were meant to be together" I added not really caring about how cheesy it sounded. 

She let out a little laugh while walking towards the door and knocking. 
Once the door flew open Ethan's sister stood on the other side, with an annoyed look on her face as she kept staring at us. 
  "If you keep looking at us with that fucking face you might as well take a picture it lasts longer" I spat. 

Katherine's mouth opened, shocked about what I had just said. Good. That bitch should know that I'm not a love and chocolates type of guy. I don't do that shit. 
  Gabriella rolled her eyes as I walked passed her making my way to Ethan's room ignoring every one else that was in the house. 
  I opened Ethan's room door as he spoke "Are you ready to do this man?" 
  "I'm more than ready. We're going to bomb those bitches and show them who's boss" I grinned as Ethan grabbed the bombs we made our way towards the door and out of the house.  

Katherine's POV. 
"You didn't have to stare at us like that, you know?" I said looking over at Gabriella 
.  "He just annoys the hell out of me, and I don't know what him and Ethan are going to do but I heard them talking about going to a place and doing who knows what down in the other street" She suddenly gave me a look, as if she had come up with an Idea. 
"Oh my god, we should go and see what there up to!" She happily waited for my answer. 

"Are you sure that's a good idea?" I gave her an unsure look. 

"It's a great idea, now I can finally see what there up to and that way, you'll see that Justin is no good for you" 
  "I already fucking told you that there's nothing going on. But if its going to make you quiet then fine. We'll go" I spat angrily  

Justin's POV.  
As we drove, I made sure everything went as planned. 
All of the bombs were in place, we had our guns and everything was set up perfectly. 
 We arrived at the old abandoned house as we made our way out of the car. 
They were inside the old house laughing and smiling. Well not for too long. 
I looked over to we're Ethan was standing and let out a small smile. Ethan made his way towards me handing me one bomb as he grabbed the other, counting to three we both threw the bombs at the old house. 

Running as fast as we could towards the car, something caught my eye. There were two girls behind each bush looking at everything that was happening. It was Katherine and Gabriella. 

Tapping Ethan at the shoulder he looked towards where I was looking and gasped as we both ran over to the bushes and I quickly grabbed Katherine. 

She tried to resist and kick me but her strength was weaker than mine. I was carrying her as I started to run as if my life depended on it. 

I didn't know if Ethan had rescued Gabriella or not but all I cared for was to get Katherine and I out of here as fast as possible. 
  I heard the bomb go off as I hugged Katherine tightly making sure that the bomb wasn't strong enough to reach to where we were. 
  Once everything was over I let go. She looked at me and started to cry.  

"Don't cry now. This isn't the fucking time. You don't know what those assholes in that house did to us so don't go assuming things that you don't know a thing about" I blurt out and realized it may have been too harsh considering that she has just seen me bomb a house but I didn't care. 

If she wanted to walk away, she could for all I care. She didn't say anything and just looked at me. Observing every inch of me. 

"Checking me out?" I smirked. Even with everything that was happening right now, I couldn't help but let out a little humor. 

She licked her lips and looked away unsure if she should say anything or stay quiet. 

"We should get out of here. Do you live far from here?"  

"Yes. I'm supposed to be staying at Gabriella's house tonight" she shyly looked at me.  

"Okay, lets go I'll walk you to Gabriella's house"  
Everything was going fine. Katherine was really quiet, trying not to get on my bad side. I admired that about her. She knew not to mess with me. 

Distracting me from my thoughts two guys suddenly pushed me down at the ground as I tried to get up again and punch the living shit out of them they started punching my jaw and kicking me in every single place of my body that they could find.  

As I got up, they had grabbed Katherine and dragged her into the van. I ran as fast as I could to save her from being taken but I was too late. They drove off only leaving me alone.  
"Fuck not them again" I let out of my breath.   I decided to go back to where the bomb house was as I saw Ethan and Gabriella there looking for us.  

"Lets get the fuck out of here before the cops find us" Ethan said nervously  
"Where's Katherine?"Gabriella asked  
"We have to follow a fucking van now to find Katherine because Joseph and his crew took her" I punched the top of the car as they got inside, shocked without saying anything. I then got in the car and pressed on the gas peddle. 
We caught up to the van as they drove in front of a house and took Katherine out.  
"Stay here. I'll get her"  
"No you can't go alone! You know what Joseph and his gang will do to you!" Ethan shouted. 

"I said I'll go!" making my way out of the car as I ran towards two huge doors that were half way open I slammed them and ran inside. 
  Katherine locked her eyes with mine. 
Tears forming down her face and all I wanted to do was run to her and hug her tightly, never letting her go. 

As I started making my way towards her, Joseph slammed the front door while locking it and before I could do anything else, he slammed me against the wall making me knock out. 

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