Katherine Brooks is a normal girl, but when she meets Justin Bieber, everything around her starts to change.

She knows he's a criminal but she still slowly starts to fall for him.

Would she take that risk or let it all slip away?

Justin Bieber doesn't believe in love and says that he never will.

Will Katherine be the girl to make him change his mind?

His best friend, Jason wants revenge and Katherine is part of his plan.. What will happen next?


4. "— using her to get her hurt and ruin her family"

Katherine's POV.  

This whole week I've been trying to stop thinking about Justin but I couldn't get the kiss that we shared out of my mind.


He had texted me a couple of times, which I don't know how he got my number but he did. 


I never texted him back and I didn't plan on it either. 


Walking out of the coffee place I got in my car waving goodbye to Jason. 


Jason is a good friend of mine. 

He was handsome but I looked at him more like an older brother.  

He was always there for me when I needed someone to talk to.  

I've known him for about two years now, we meet the year that my mother died and he helped me out a lot during that time. 


Justin's POV.


I opened the door to see Jason standing there as he came in.  
"How did it go with the girl?" I smirked. 

"It went fine but I have to step it up a bit" he replied. 

Jason has been hanging out with a girl just so that he can get close to her family because her family ruined him.  

They did terrible things to him and he has a grudge against them. 

He did terrible things to her family also, way worse than what her family did to him but Jason didn't care. 

The poor girl doesn't even know that Jason is only using her to get close to her family.

Her family never told her who Jason was and they didn't know that he was her friend.  
She just thought he was a normal friend but little did she know.

"Are you going to tell me the lucky girls name?" Jason had never told me her name.  

He would always talk about her and his plans but never really told me who she was. 

"Her name is Katherine. She's friends with Ethan's sister but I doubt you know her" he replied looking towards me.

"Oh. No never heard of her, is she cute?" I said trying not to seem nervous. 

Why would Jason try to hurt someone like Katherine? And how the hell is Katherine's family the one involved in this? Her family hurt me as well but not as much as they hurt Jason. 

I couldn't let Jason hurt Katherine but I also couldn't let him know that I knew who she was or that I kissed her.

"Gorgeous. I don't care though, I'm only using her to get her hurt and ruin her family" he shrugged his shoulders.

"Yeah" I let out a little smile as I continued, "I'm heading out now. I have plans tonight." 


"Alright I should get going then" he walked towards the door and walked out.


I made my way into my car as I pressed on the gas peddle making my way towards Katherine's house.

I parked in a nearby park and walked towards her house since there was an unfamiliar car parked in front of her house which I was guessing it was one of her parents car. 

I made my way towards the front door but before knocking I texted Katherine to let her know I was here just in case it was really her parents car. 

I didn't want her parents to ask questions as to who I was or why I was here.  
Not a few minutes later she came outside. 

"If my dad see's that you're here he will have a fit. Come inside."  

She rushed me towards her room as she continued "If you want to argue about something this isn't the time"  

"I just wanted to see you. Why haven't you answered my texts?" I raised my eyebrows  

"Honestly, I didn't want to answer"she glanced at me but quickly looked away. 

"Hm, you're going to regret saying that" I locked my eyes with hers as I passionately grabbed her face and pressed my lips with hers. 

She resisted my lips at first but finally gave in and kissed me back with the same passion. 

She wrapped her arms around my neck as my arms slid down near her butt. 

As much as I wanted to continue this I know I have to stop before I can't stop myself.  

"If you want more of that then you'll text me back the next time I text you" I winked as she stood there emotionless.  

She looked at me speechless.  She picked out her words carefully as she replied, "We'll see" she licked her lips which made me want to push her against the wall and make out with her but I wasn't going to do that right now. 


Jason's POV.

"So what exactly is your plan?" Joseph questioned as he took a seat in the couch.  

"Well, I'm going to get closer to Katherine so that way I can know her family's weak spot and ruin them. When I'm done with Katherine I'll just take advantage of her which will make her family hate me even more. Once I'm done with that little bitch they'll never think twice about messing with me" I answered.  

Talking about Katherine or her family made me angry but I had to try to control that.  

I had to do everything according to my plan and mess with Katherine's life. 

I know I did horrible things to her family that I can never take back but they did horrible things to me also that I will always hold a grudge for until I get them back for everything that they did.


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