Katherine Brooks is a normal girl, but when she meets Justin Bieber, everything around her starts to change.

She knows he's a criminal but she still slowly starts to fall for him.

Would she take that risk or let it all slip away?

Justin Bieber doesn't believe in love and says that he never will.

Will Katherine be the girl to make him change his mind?

His best friend, Jason wants revenge and Katherine is part of his plan.. What will happen next?


1. "He's up to no good"

Katherine's POV.


I woke up to hear the sound of my phone ringing, I picked it up from my night stand to see who was calling, and it was my best friend Gabriella.

"Hey" I said trying my best to not sound tired. "What the heck? You were supposed to be here an hour ago!" She screamed as I took a quick look at my clock. I had fallen asleep late the night before and slept more than usual. "Sorry Gabs I'll be there soon" I said as we said our goodbyes, I stood up to get ready I shrugged while I peeked inside my closet and grabbed a white Chanel shirt with light blue high waisted shorts.

Tucking my Chanel shirt inside the shorts, I took a pair of black heels and slid them on while walking to my desk, I picked out a stunning necklace with a bracelet that my mom had given me before she passed away. I kept my makeup simple and natural only applying some foundation with eyeliner and mascara. I snatched my bag and phone while rushing out of the house.

I got inside my mustang convertible making my way to Gaby's house.

I rung the door bell and her mom opened the door with a smile forming her lips "Hey Kat! I heard Gaby was rushing you although she's not even ready herself, come in she'll be down soon" I smiled and greeted her back while walking in the house.

I sat down in the couch patiently waiting. I heard her brother, Ethan coming down the stairs bickering with someone. I turned around to see who he was arguing with.

Next to him there was a boy that had gorgeous creamy brown eyes and stunning brown hair. He was wearing a perfect ironed suit that left me astonished. "What the hell man, I told you to not tell the guys about our plan now you fucked everything up!" he yelled at Ethan trying to control his anger as he curved his fists into a ball.

"Bro calm down, we'll just have to change the plan a little. No big deal" Ethan whispered trying to not make him get angrier than he already was.

"Were going to do more than change the plan, were going to bom-"He suddenly stopped what he was about to say realizing that I've been listening the whole time.

"Who's that?" he snapped while giving Ethan a look that I couldn't clearly understand. Ethan looked over to where I was and replied "That's my sister's friend. No one to worry about."

I bit my lip and looked over to where they were standing. "Hi" I quickly said trying not to seem intimidated by the guy who stood next to Ethan.

They both walked over to me as he licked his lips together and spoke "Hey beautiful. I'm Justin. Justin Drew Bieber to be exact." Once those words came out of his mouth I felt my stomach sink to the ground.

It couldn't possibly be him right? This gorgeous man can't be the guy that everyone talks horribly about.  I had heard everything that people say about him but I never saw what he looked like until now. I took a deep breath trying not to seem scared.

The guy who the police are always questioning is standing right in front of me looking as handsome as ever and I couldn't help but feel a certain attraction towards him.

He looked at me waiting for an answer, but we just stared at each other while he quickly added "And what's your name beautiful?"

He stood there keeping his gaze on mine waiting for an answer. "It's nice to meet you Justin, I'm Katherine. Katherine May Brooks" I shyly smirked as I made eye contact with his charming hazel eyes.

Ethan let out a little cough breaking mine and Justin's eye contact. "Um, Justin we have to get going" he said as he looked at both of us.

Justin turned to face him and replied "Let's get going then." They both made their way towards the door when suddenly Justin turned around "It was a pleasure meeting you Katherine. I'll be seeing you around" he grinned looking as flawless as ever.

"I'm sure you will" I replied as he smiled and walked away. How can that handsome man be accused for crimes? Even though he never got arrested for the crimes, everyone always gossiped on how he somehow got rid of the proof to not seem guilty.

Distracting me from my thoughts, Gabriella walked in the room. "It was about damn time" I annoyingly rolled my eyes.

She looked at me and crooked her eyebrows "Um are you okay?"

"Yeah... I guess. I don't know"

I gulped as I added "Justin was here... He doesn't seem so bad." I looked down at the floor afraid to see how Gaby was going to react.

Everyone knows the horrible crimes that Justin gets into and Gabriella is one of the many people that don't believe a thing that comes out of his mouth.

Gabriella was taken aback by what I had just said "Kat, you know he's a criminal. I hope you don't like him because I sure as hell don't want to see you get hurt and that's exactly what he'll do. He'll hurt you the minute he sees you fall for him. My brother is the only one who is stupid enough to hang out with him."

Wanting to change the subject and never talk about Justin again I spoke "Let's just forget about him, okay? It's fine. I don't like him."

She smiled and replied "I can do that. Let's go eat" I smiled back as we walked out the door making our way to the car.

As soon as we pulled up to the restaurant I felt my phone vibrating. Grabbing it from my pocket, I saw that I had a new text from Ethan which was weird considering that we never talk only greet each other.

"Stay away from Justin, he has done a lot of horrible things. Trust me on this, I know him well."

Receiving another text, I quickly opened it, "He's up to no good"

As I read both texts, I was shocked. Why was Ethan even telling me this in the first place anyway? It's not like me and Justin had a thing and if we did why was he the one to tell me to stay away? He was Justin's friend so isn't he supposed to be supporting him and not going behind his back to text me to stay away?

Ignoring the messages I got out of the car with Gaby making our way inside the restaurant.

The rest of the day, I kept thinking about Justin.

I tried many times to stop thinking about him and continue the rest of my day peacefully but the problem was, I couldn't forget about him, no matter how many times I tried, his dreamy hazel eyes, perfect suit and hot messy hair kept coming on my mind.

I didn't know if I liked him or not but I defiantly had an attraction towards him that made me want more.




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