forgotten a harry styles fan fic*On Hold*

he said he'll never forget me and that's exactly what he did he just left me without even saying a good bye.... what happens when they fall in love but then get separated


7. chapther 7

 Nicky's POV

 wow harry has a amazing voice we start to watch a movie and it was around midnight when we fell asleep I woke up late and I was in my room wait but I fell asleep in Harry's house with cat I look around and see her on the ground next to my bed I woke her up and go down stairs I eat some cereal and wait for cat to come out of the shower so I could go in to take one my self when she finally comes out I go in and do my shower things and change into some shorts and a tank top I walk out and see cat watching a movie I sit down next to her and watch the movie with her we ended up having a movie night it was late at night when we started to watch a scary movie I told her I didn't want to  watch it but I did it was getting close to thee end when I heard footsteps I walk to the kitchen and I hear footsteps again I hear them behind of me I turn around and see harry there I yell at the top of my lungs " AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!"



 sorry for the short chapter

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