forgotten a harry styles fan fic*On Hold*

he said he'll never forget me and that's exactly what he did he just left me without even saying a good bye.... what happens when they fall in love but then get separated


9. chapter 9

   Nicky's POV

we played truth-or-dare for a half an hour until harry got sleepy and went home cat and I went to be too and I had a weird dream

 *in the dream*

 " harry why didn't you tell me earlier ?"

 "sorry I just couldn't im so sorry nicky ." he replied

 " I thought we were friends you know why would you keep this from me we tell each other everything remember?!"

 *end of dream*

 I woke up trying to think what the dream was about I got up and realized cat was here again I didn't see where I was going and I tripped over sleeping cat " aaaaaagggghhhh!" she groaned in pain " Sorry I didn't see you there" I walked out of my room and went in to the kitchen I ate my breakfast and got my outfit ready then I hit the shower I got out changed and to my surprise I saw cat on the floor still  I went to the kitchen and got so whipped cream  and put it on my palm then smacked cat



 sorry I haven't been updating a lot has been happening .-.

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