forgotten a harry styles fan fic*On Hold*

he said he'll never forget me and that's exactly what he did he just left me without even saying a good bye.... what happens when they fall in love but then get separated


6. chapter 6

 Nicky's POV

 we walked to the park and harry said " what are you going to do tomorrow since its your birthday and all?" wait how did I forget it was my birthday tomorrow I guess the divorce was making me for get that I sighed and said " honestly I don't want to do anything." I said truthfully "well too bad me and harry have arranged a special day tomorrow for just us three!" said cat we kept walking until it was around noon and we all went to Harry's a bit we played a few games and we started to sing and harry started his solo to viva la Vida by Coldplay

  I used to roll the dice

 feel the fear in my enemy's eyes

 listen as the crowd would sing

 "now the old king is dead long

 live the king!" one minute I

 held the key next the walls

 were closed on me and I

 discovered that my castle

 stood upon pillars of salt

 pillars of sand 

he then stopped singing and said " am I really that bad of a singer?" I screamed back "you are amazing wow im astonished!"


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