forgotten a harry styles fan fic*On Hold*

he said he'll never forget me and that's exactly what he did he just left me without even saying a good bye.... what happens when they fall in love but then get separated


3. chapter 3

 harry POV

 I got a call from Nicky to go to her house I put a shirt on and went as I made my way up the stairs I hear crying I knock on her door and she says "come in" I walk in and see her crying it broke my heart the rest of the night we spent talking and hugging Nicky is the most important thing to me it hurt me to see her like this I love her so much "Nicky I need to tell you something every important." "okay." she replied with concern in her eyes " I love you with all my heart ." " I love you too harry."




sorry about the short chapter please write comments about what you think of my story it will help a lot thanks

 XOXO, Eileen

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