"Put me down!" I yelled, struggling as I tried to get out of Zayn's grasp. "Let me go!"

He had thrown me over his shoulder, an arm clamping over my legs. The only thing I could do I was pound my fists against his back as he carried me into my room. He flung me onto the bed, glaring down at me.

"Have you forgotten, Abigail, who runs this place? Who owns you? You are nothing. Nothing at all. You are mine. Mine only. I can do whatever I want with you, and you can't do anything about it." He growled, his voice threatening.

"But you won't." I challenged, returning his glare.

He remained silent.


Snatched off the streets, Abby is sold to one of the richest, most powerful and attractive men in the world, Zayn Malik.

Abby would've easily been another female slave, forced to do Zayn's every bidding. Except for one thing.

Abby held something sacred.

Something that even the most powerful, manipulative, and handsome man wouldn't mess with.


1. Final Note

This story has been removed by the author from Movellas. If you would like to continue reading this story, it will remain available on Wattpad and will continue to update there. The author’s username is @IzzySaphira. Sorry for the inconvenience. 

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