I don't play. I fight.

When someone is cheated on you think of them gonna cry and never be the same and all that crap. I'm the total opposite. Like a game, you lose, you restart and try again.


2. Time to beat some ass.

Today is the day Zayn and I have been officially dating for a year. Cheesy but it is like a mile stone. Ugh who am I kidding it means nothing. I open my eyes from the beautiful sleep I was in. I turn around expecting to see zayn but he's gone. Again. For the past month he's been shady and I've been watching around. And nothing. Yet. I decided to get up and get dressed. I put on a tank top, ripped jeans, and some black converse. I went down stairs turn on the tv. TMZ was on. I loved this show. I got some coco pebbles and milk, sat down and began munching .


Today we spotted Zayn Malik walking down town hand in hand with someone other than Alejandra.!" 

Wait Hold the fuck up!

My zayn cheating. Remember when I said I yet to find out. Well I found out now. After a couple seconds a phone rang. It wasn't mine. I looked in the living room to find Zayns phone with an unknown number. "Oh hell no." I muttered to myself. I answered the phone. "Babe?"

"hey you left your phone." I acted as I knew nothing. 

" oh thank god. I'm coming to get it alright. Love you" lies.

"Love you to." And I hung up. I ran to my closet grabbed all my clothes that I had before I started dating zayn. He can give it to that bitch. Grabbed a baseball bat. Went out side. Put my duffle bag in MY car. Went back inside and waited at the front door. 

Time to beat some ass. 

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