I don't play. I fight.

When someone is cheated on you think of them gonna cry and never be the same and all that crap. I'm the total opposite. Like a game, you lose, you restart and try again.


3. Bitch Bye!Xd

I've been waiting for about 5 minutes waiting for zayn to get home. I can't just wait for the explanation. Sarcasm. 

I hear a car stop outside the house with a door opening. And in comes the player. "Hey babe." He says while grabbing his phone and thing to give me a kiss. But I backed away. "What's wrong? And why do you have my baseball bat?"

I got up from the counter and spoke. "First of all this is my baseball bat. Second who is the Barbie your walking around with in London holding hands!?" His eyes grew big. But then came back to normal. "I don't know how your talking about." He says calmly. At this point I'm beyond pissed off. I walk out the house with my bat and head to his car. I could hear I'm chaing me yelling my name. I know that Barbie is in his car. Where else would he call from. He wasn't with the boys, Paul, or anyone else.so it had to be her. I walk to the car finding that bitch looking at her phone. I walk up closer open the door. "Ba-" she notices I wasn't Zayn. And she's wide eyed.

I pull her out of the car and onto the floor by her hair and make her stand up. "Stand the fuck up!" She does what she says and she is breathing Hard. I look at zayn with his guilty face. " You don't know what your talking about eh?! Well look at what I found" I say while tucking on her hair. "Alex stop!" Zayn yells while trying to pry me of of her. Once I let go of here hair. I kick her in the stomach and she falls to te floor crying. I knew zayn in his area and he's down as well. " O trusted you zayn. I FUCKING TRUSTED YOU!" I say with a couple of tears running down from my cheeks. It's been a while since I felts it's hot feeling on my face. "How long have you guys been together behind my back? Huh!" I say pointing my bat at zayn. He gives me no answer. He just looks at the floor in shame. "HOW LONG?!" I yell. "3 MONTH!" He yells back at me looking me in the eye. My heart is in pieces. To many pieces I can't even count. I don't know if its even a number. "I'm sorry.. I'm sorry Alex. I just felt like I wasn't loved enough." My eyes show fury at those words. " MAYBE IT'S CAUSE YOUR NEVER AROUND, HOW THE FUCK DO YOU THINK I FEEL?! I LIVE ACROSS AN OCEAN FROM HOME JUST FOR YOU. FOR ZAYN. YOU!" I looks me in the eyes with and then to the floor. Miss Barbie is against the car in pain not knowing what to do. " HOW ARE NOT FEELING LOVED BY ME?! I DID EVERYTHING FOR YOU. I MOVED TO LONDON, GAVE YOU MY LIFE, MY HEART, My everything.." . "I'm sorry Alex. I'm so so sorry." He says blurring through the words as tears come out of his eyes. " I would give you another chance. But three months? That's bullshit.Im done. I'm going home." Those are my last words before I head to my car. But I then thought of something. I turn around with zayn and blonde looking at me in fear. I head to Zayns precious car. Blonde must have thought I was after her because she was wimping towards zayn. I look at his front view window and smash its with one hit from the baseball bat. Turn back around and get in the car and drive away. 

Bitch Bye.

a/n: Hay Hay ^_^ so you like!? Comment if you want me to keep going. 

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