Falling For Him

LIli is a 16 year old girl who lives in america and goes on a trip to London. while shes on her trip a rich guy falls f or her but she doesnt want to feel the same way because she knows shell have to leave him behind when she goes back to America.


1. Last week of school

I woke up feeling happy but at the same time sad because i had to go to school for another week. I hate school, i only have one friend named Laura, i've known her since 1st grade. Its been really hard for me because im not really "accepted" in my school, im the weird girl. 

I was trying to find something to wear when my phone rang, it was Laura. As we were talking about school rumors i pulled out some black skinny jeans,a red sweater with a black star in the middle, and my red vans. I got ready and did my makeup, i put some eye liner on my water line and a bunch of mascara, then i put my hair in a big messy bun and went downstairs, i grabbed a cookie and walk out to the car. I was late to school and the day felt like forever but i was glad there were only  more days left of class!

When i got home i hear my parents, it was weird because they were never hone at this time. I walked into the kitchen and my mom smiled really big "whats going on?" i asked. "well honey we have a surprise for you" dad said "you're going to spend the summer with your aunt sally in London" mom said. I was so exited that i didnt say anything, i just stood there and smilled! 

Finally it was time to go to London! It was a 14 hour flight but i didnt care aslong as i got to London. After waiting so long my aunt was at the airport. we drove to her house everything looked perfect. She was rich so everything she owned was expensive and yes! she loved to brag about it. I was really tired but i didnt  care i just wanted to see London! i went outside and in front of the house was this hot guy talking on the phone. i could hear him saying screaming, things didnt seem so good for him. he saw me staring and hung up the phone he crossed the steet and started walking to me. I turned around and walked away. "hey wait up!!" he yelled. i stoped and waited for him to catch up. "Hi, umm i saw you staring at me. You didnt hear what i was saying did you?" "Ohh umm... well just a little bit" i said. "Haha ok, By the way im Luke." "Lili" i said back. we sarted to walk and talk about random things. It was really late at night when we finally at down at a bench in a beautiful park when suddenly his phone rang, he answerd it but he didnt say a word, when he hung up he looked at me and said he had to go. He left and i was alone .... agin.

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