does he love me back ???

This a story of a girl who's best friend became part of one of the most famous boy bands in the world !!!ONE DIRECTION !!! As she goes on tour with them she realises she wants to be more than friends but will he love her back ???


2. the question

So this is after the pillow fight I got dressed and me louis went to his house in doncaster for a catch up.

Me: so louis did you come all the way to Doncaster for some friendly chit chat..

Louis: well yno actually its not...

Me: Anyway im glad you came u I have something to tell you 

Louis: cool me too but you go first 

Me: wel I got into LS.FAB

Louis: erm... whats that ?

Me: uh London School of Fashion And Beauty. Isnt it great I mean your based in london and so would I and you know its been my life long dream to go there.

Louis: erm Del Del..

Me: shit thats the voice you always use when your going to tell me something bad


Louis: well the reason I really came to see you was well honestly ive miased you and I was wondering if... you'll come on tour with the band . I know its alot to ask but text me in 2 weeks time with your decision okay now sorry but I have to get back to london are you alright walking home.. o sorry I forgot you lived next door bye









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