does he love me back ???

This a story of a girl who's best friend became part of one of the most famous boy bands in the world !!!ONE DIRECTION !!! As she goes on tour with them she realises she wants to be more than friends but will he love her back ???


6. shit

What have i just done ? I am a complete idiot I knew we weren't ready it's just he looked so sexy sitting there in his skinny jeans I just wanted to kiss him so badly and I did and now I have fucked everything up and he probably won't want to be friends anymore.

We are now landing and he still hasn't came back into the room. 

I am at border control and he hasn't got off the plane despite the fact that he was going to spend the night in Doncaster. 

Oh well im off to the hospital to see my mum and I am not going to let myself think about him until I know my mum is okay or if she's not. 

i imagined delilah to look a bit like this its Eleanor from the face 


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