does he love me back ???

This a story of a girl who's best friend became part of one of the most famous boy bands in the world !!!ONE DIRECTION !!! As she goes on tour with them she realises she wants to be more than friends but will he love her back ???


5. bad news

Im on the plane home because I just had some bad news, 

We (me Louis,  harry layla-his girlfriend. liam danielle peazer and zayn and niall) were all in nandos having fun because it was our last day in ireland before we go to France, and I was in the middle of eating my pudding when I got a phone call saying my mym had just had a stroke and was in hospital.


Me and louis are on the plane but he is going to fly on to france when he's dropped , e off

"I need to go and look after her, and I feel bad on niall but ..."

"Look del he understands dont worry." Louis said whilst stroking my cheek

"Thanks Louis, you're amazing. " I said starting to cry 

" Don't cry you are the amazing one I mean look at you your pretty and lovely your really clever and talented ." Louis replied looking more gorgeous than ever


"Thank you, " I said and then leaned in to kiss him, he kissed me back for a couple of seconds then he pushed me back


 "Delilah what are you doing?" Louis said and stormed off



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